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Junior and Senior Infants Sports Day 2018

School Note May 2nd .

Confirmation takes place this Saturday at 12 and we ask all choir members to be on the gallery by 11:50am . There is a rehearsal at 7:30pm  for all those receiving the sacrament .

The school open day is on Thursday May 17th , our 6th class go to the secondary school on that day and our new Junior Infants come to school for the morning . All classes will move on to their provisional classroom and teacher for the day .

An information brochure regarding the HPV vaccine for girls and the MenC and Tdap vaccine for all children  goes home today . Please check it out and ensure you are aware of the vaccine protections.

31 children from 5th /6th classes go to the Gaeltacht in Gwedore for a week from May 21st to May 25th . The balance of monies can be paid to the school or directly to the Colaiste (online to school if possible) any time before Friday the 18th May. Any questions regarding the Gaeltacht can be got from Kevin or Aisling  Cassidy , Colaiste Chu Chulainn 0871168241.

We lost narrowly to Ballyshannon  in the SDNL league last Friday .Our Girls B team drew their game  following a superb performance from Player of that match Kate Galvin. .Luke Farrell was player of his match but unfortunately went off injured in the game and Nathan Scott in the Boys B was outstanding. There was a fabulous performance from Maeve Mc Gagh and Sophie Dalton in the girls A Match .

We play Bundoran next Wednesday in the 3rd round of the SDNL league at 10:30 in Bundoran , with both boys and girls teams requiring a win to qualify for the A Final  .

Well done to our athletes who took part in the Athletics at the Comprehensive last Sunday . The school ended up in 3rd place overall. Next week we begin the training with all 1st to 6th classes for the now annual 3km /5km walk /run which will take place in mid June .

There is Primary Schools Girls Chess Team event is in Dublin on May 19th. Any parent interested should contact Chris at the Chess Club on Thursday night or contact the school office .

Our new edible garden area is in place and all classes have their own growing space being prepared for planting this week . Parents are welcome to get involved and we especially thank Mark O Reilly for his work in helping us get the garden up and running .

The cost of the school book and activities will increase to €120 this year . This money pays for

  1. All books and copies. This includes individual reading schemes and class /group novels in all classes.
  2. Personal Accident Pupil Insurance.
  3. All bus trips for SESE ( a minimum of 3 per class)
  4. Professional Drama Productions ( A minimum of 2 per year but 3 this year )
  5. Additional ICT tablets /laptops ICT licences and app purchase for class.
  6. Costs for specialised sports, science, music , art or gardening experts .

One of the main increase in expenses next year will be the Music Generation . Every class in the school will have a professional musician in each week to teach music.

We ask all parents who wish to continue to avail of the school scheme to pay a minimum of €60 before the summer and the remainder in September . Those who wish to purchase the books themselves and pay for trips/shows  etc…as they occur can do so .We will supply a booklist to them after the open day on May 17th .

Payment can be made online  from June onwards and we encourage parents to use the online system of payment if possible. 

April 23rd 2018 School Information

ACTIVE SCHOOLS WEEK :This is active schools week around the country  but we try to make EVERY week an active week her in this school . We ask parents to build on this at home and encourage their child to BE ACTIVE . This can include any  activities  from  walking to school ,competitive games to leisure and fun games to Gardening or running .

The Media and news broadcasts are constantly referring to serious problems caused by …..

  1. Smart phone availability for children ( One school parent body have banned smart phone use from all children in the school for 3 months)
  2. Obesity problems among children ( A huge health issue)
  3. Resilence , anxiety and mental health issues relating to children . ( Often related to the above )

While these problems would appear to be a minority issue here in Manorhamilton we would ask OUR PARENT body to look at the issues in relation to their own child and take appropriate steps where necessary .

Being active and social are good barriers and strategies to avoid many issues . Only you the parents can address many of the concerns but here in the school we are happy to assist in  providing  a wide range of activities to suit every child . We ask parents to

  1. Consider your child’s access to internet / smart phones etc… and the time spent online.
  2. How active is your child and are they given the opportunity to interact socially with their peers

(as opposed to  social media)

  1. Is your child relatively fit and healthy for their age and what opportunities do you provide for them to be physically active.
  2. Can your child walk to school from home or from the church car park . Do you have the time to walk with them on certain days ?
  3. We are reviewing Homework policy at the moment …could Homework be activity based ?

Below is a sample of how we encourage activity and sociability.

Class basketball and Olympic Handball teams travel to Sligo for a sports Jamboree( Basketball /Olympic Handball etc…)  on Friday 27th . 5th and 6th Training /Coaching with Liam Thursday after school.

Football : We play Ballyshannon away in the SDNL League this Friday at 11am . Again we have 2 Boys and 2 girls teams playing involving 50 players . The final match will be against Bundoran on May 9th

Chess: All Ireland Primary School Girls Chess Team event takes place in Dublin on Saturday May 19th. If you would like your child to participate please let us know by phone or e mail . Please note that chess club continues every Thursday night at 7pm.

3rd and 4th classes had a school trip this week on Tuesday with their partner school Enniskillen Integrated P.S. when they visited Donegal Adventure Centre .

1st and 2nd travelled to Enniskillen for their Gardening Workshops with Enniskillen Integrated.

Gardening : We are at present putting in an Edible Garden area in the school and would welcome any assistance or imput from interested parents . We will have raised beds for all the classes to plant and maintain and we plan for a poly tunnel for next September. All classes Sen. Inf to 5th will have a gardening workshop in the month of May .

April 11th School Note

Confirmation is on May 5th ( Bank Holiday weekend ) We ask children from 3rd to 5th to volunteer for the Parish Confirmation choir , practices start today . Parents please let us know if your child is available .

A number of children from 5th class are being filmed tomorrow on a Nature Walk at Mullies mass rock for a Nationwide screening later in the month .

Infant classes are learning proper names for body parts as part of our Stay Safe and SPHE programmes. Parents please use the language of private body parts and need for respect regarding same in age appropriate way at home .

Congratulations to Susan Aji 6th Class .All Ireland u12 Chess Champion 2018 following the Championships in Shannon last weekend. Susan is part of the Manorhamilton Community games Team representing Leitrim in the Connacht Finals shortly and we wish them all the best as they try for all Ireland success in the Community Games . The team Aodhan Drummond ,Cillian White , Cian O Hagan Gemma Mullholland ,Allie White and Susan .

We play Kinlough in the first round of the Large school Donegal /North Leitrim League on this Friday . We have 2 teams A and B league sections with a panel of 36 boys and 26 girls. All those on the panel play each game and in all circumstances we would rather lose a game than lose a player with our emphasis on enjoyment and participation at all times . Our thanks to Ms. Kelly and Mrs Conlon Mr Ward and Mr Dolan Team mentors and managers.

We intend to run our in school 7 a side side league with these players on Fridays also …starting in May.

Our Basketball is now also up and running on our 2 new courts with coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. We play our first match away to Rathcormac on Friday 20th.

From Next Week we have the following afterschools programme on site. As usual parents deal directly with the provider do not contact the school directly .

Mondays – Football and Fitness-James Glancy.

Tuesdays – Hurling ( 3rd to 6th ) with Mark Boyle  and Basketball (1st-3rd)with Liam Feehily and Tai Chi with Roisin

Wednesdays – Soccer and Skills  ( James Mc Dowell )

                 Tin Whistle with Lorraine

Thursdays   – Dancing ( Kathleen o Hagan) Basketball with Liam  ( 3rd to 6th )

Fridays – Gaelic Football Skills and Mini League ( 3rd to 6th )

Piano Lessons continue with Sylvia in the school also weekly.

There were a very small number of Sponsorship cards not returned on the day of the walk . Please send them back tomorrow . Blank cards should just be returned for accountability purposes.

Just over €4000 was raised in the walk organised by the Parents Association . Our thanks to the PA and all who so generously supported the sponsored walk .

Homework – We hope to have a questionnaire to parents next week regarding Homework as we are reviewing our policy this year . Please look at the policy as it exists and we will welcome any proposed changes . We get a variety of responses to Homework ranging from WAY TOO MUCH to WAY TOO LITTLE . Please note for the present that once you sign the journal that homework is accepted as completed satisfactorily and we ask parents to follow the recommended MAXIMUM times as laid out in the policy 15mins ( Infants) , 1st 2nd 25 minutes , 3rd / 4th 40 minutes , 5th /6th  – 1 hour

March Note 1

Chess Events : The Brian Collum event in Newtownforbes on this Friday March 9th . ( leaving at 8:30 / return 5pm approx. ) with a stop at Supermacs Carrick on Shannon on route home .Team selection in the morning and only those with written/e mail permission will be put on a team.Prizes on the day include a trip to Tayto Park and €500 class prize . We are the current holders of the Brian Collum Cup which we hold for the past 2 years. Good Luck to all participants. Training session as well as Community Games Team selection this Thursday night from 7pm in the school.

Our 1st and 2nd classes met their cross border friends from Enniskillen Integrated primary yesterday in Florenscourt for a biodiversity workshop 3rd and 4th will be visit their partner classes from Enniskillen Integrated next Tuesday 13th March. 

Child Safeguarding ; Following Monday’s Child Protection training for staff the revised school safeguarding document including risk assessment is now on the schools notice board for parents and has been sent to the P.A. and B.O.M. members for consideration .It will be posted on the blog.

Among the recommendations are that pupils must have mobile phones or internet devices powered off at all times during school events including outings and trips away from school . This will be in effect from THIS Friday.

P.A. sponsored walk cards will be issued shortly and proceeds going towards the new facilities being put in place at the moment. Parents /guardians will need to ensure that cards are returned to the school as ALL CARDS MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR without exception .

Weather Warnings and School closure questions answered

As temperatures drop this week  we may have  snow falls  and  frosty/slippery roads in the morning or snow covered roads we advise parents;

  1. Safety should be the only /  main concern NOT getting children to school for 9:15 or at all if they consider it unsafe for them to travel to school .
  2. The school will nearly always remain open even in frosty or snowy conditions BUT parents should make their decision to get children to school based on their safety.
  3. We will close if 50% of staff are unable to attend or if the representative committee approved by the board decide on closure . This committee has one parent , one staff rep. and a BOM rep .
  4. There is no problem about being late on mornings where these conditions apply and children may come to school up to 11am .
  5. We cannot guarantee that school grounds, car park, footpaths, etc.,… will be cleared completely so again parents should walk or drive with due care on school grounds. 
  6. Please ensure suitable footwear (boots/wellingtons) with best grips etc., are worn on these days .
  7. If there is snow the children will be allowed play in the snow if they have a gloves, spare boots, etc.

School News feb 25th 2018

The school will be closed on NEXT Monday March 5th for Mandatory School whole staff Child Protection Training. The children will have no school on this day.


World Book day €1.50 book token goes home with all children today

Congratulations to our winners in Feis Art Competition- Ellah Goodall and Molly Gilligan in 1st , James Hughes in 4th Musfira Tariq 5th and Susan Aji in 6th . Award giving tonight in the Sligo Park Hotel at 6:30pm.


Thursday Chess Club continues with Community Games Team selection on Thursday March 8th , Clayton Hotel Blitz Competition Sunday March 18th . Community Games County Finals March 23rd.

Friday March 9th– Brian Collum Chess Team event in Newtownforbes. Any pupil from 3rd to 6th may attend. Bus leaves the school at 8:30am and returns at approximately 5pm.We will have a stop for food at Supermacs Carrick on Shannon on the way home . The day will cost €5  per pupil ( Not including food). Those interested should return the slip below with €5 before this Friday. Permission can be by return e mail either for those online.


I would like my child ________________in ____class to attend the Chess Team Event in Newtownforbes on Friday March 9th – €5 enclosed

Signed _____________________________.

Supermarket Roleplay

During the month of January Junior Infants were busy setting up and running their own supermarket. They built supermarkets from various types of blocks, drew and paint fruit and vegetables, cut and pasted food they would like on their shopping list, played with item found in the supermarket in the sand and of course had great fun role playing being a customer and shop keeper in our supermarket.

Feb 1st Note


School Enrolment for September is open and junior infant places are filling up (2 places remain). Please send in request for enrolment forms as soon as possible

January was Focus on History month here in the school.

As part of the development of awareness of citizenship / democracy we had the Student council elections in which all classes participated .Those elected were -President : Ryan Gilligan    Vice President: Aine Mc Loughlin ….Council members : Roisin Yilmaz, Rebecca Mc Gauren , Mary Farry and  Ross Forde .The council will meet every month to ensure pupil ideas and concerns are taken into account in school procedures and policy .

Infants had a grandparents day where many grandparents came in to play games and tell stories to the children.

1st and 5th make St. Brigid Crosses today Feb. 1st.

We would like to invite grandparents to come in again to older classes to help pass on their skills and stories e.g Playing card games like 25, Knitting or craft skills Grandparents/Parents -Please let us know if you are able  to do this at any stage this term .

Many classes had projects or displays from a period in History and we put on an exhibition in The sculpture centre with miniature battle scenes and artefacts and anti-war posters etc..

School Outings: Our Pupils are given opportunities to participate in various activities many of these involve after school / out of school time and thus are opt in. If your child has not opted into anything take note – in case your child is opting out of everything and losing out on opportunities , social and educational without your knowledge .

The following are coming up over the next weeks  :

Peace Proms Concert rehearsal in Belfast was open to all pupils in 5th and 6th Rehearsal next Tuesday February 6th in Queens University Belfast . The Bus will leave the school at 8:30 am SHARP on Tuesday next, returns at 6pm approx.

The concert is on Sunday February 26th also in Belfast. There are a few bus spaces remaining for parents attending (Parents are not required to attend as Mr. Conlon, Mrs Fox and Ms. Mc Dermott will take the children on that Sunday.

Inter School Sports Participation ;

Pupils from 3rd to 6th are also given the opportunity to participate in sports team events , Donegal /North Leitrim Large school gaelic Football League , inter school soccer 11 a side games and inter school Basketball matches . To opt in for this the pupils should attend training during break times and after school on Tuesdays. This will be general sports training , fitness , ball skills and team drills .Teams will be selected from those who opt in.

Chess Events : There are a number of chess events and competitions coming up including The Brian Collum event in Newtownforbes on Friday March 9th . Those who attend Thursday nights chess club will get 1st option on this trip ( leaving at 8:30 / return 6pm.

Feiseanna : There are a number of Feiseanna in Sligo from March on entries close for some events on Feb. 9th. Check online Feis Shligigh / Feis Ceoil) for pupils to take part in recitation /drama /art /comhra etc…We would encourage parents to enter and we will prepare all children for the Feis Ceoil primary school poetry recitation primary school event . ( Poems given out this week )

The events take place evenings /weekends and over the Easter holiday period .

Whole Class / In school Trips and outings include ….

Whole Classes- Chess Checkmates day in the Bee Park on March 2nd

1st and 2nd classes travel to Enniskillen Integrated primary on Tuesday 13th. 3rd and 4th will be visited by their partner classes from Enniskillen Integrated on the same day. 

5th and 6th Class attend the Comprehensive Musical ‘Annie’ next Wednesday in the Bee Park.

5th visit Kathleen’s Falls Power Station ( Feb 13th )

Library visits ( monthly ) all classes .

January Note 3

The school is closed for pupils on the Tuesday of NEXT week January 30th for Dept. of Ed. Staff training . pupils have no school on that day.

Next Parent Association  meeting is tomorrow  Tuesday 23rd January, at the earlier time of 8pm (in the school in the room of 6th class). All members of the committee are asked to attend .
New members are welcome anytime .

Peace Proms choir practice takes place in Belfast on February 6th . If any parents of choir members wish to travel to Belfast for the day please contact the school office . Rehearsal takes place in Queens University and we also visit the  Ulster Museum on this day. 

The concert takes place on Sunday February 25th in Belfast , Parents who wish to travel on the bus should book a seat asap . Those travelling by car with their child should let us know also asap.

Chess event in Newtownforbes , The Brian Collum memorial takes place on March 9th and we will bring a bus with teams from the school on the day . Those from 3rd to 6th who attend chess club will be given 1st option for this outing . Chess Club continues on Thursdays at 7pm to 9pm . We are the current holders of both the Leitrim and the Overall Briam Collum Trophies .

Reminder : All school absences with reason for absence should be recorded in your childs Journal ( at the back ) and signed by a parent before return to school . The school MUST be notified by phone or e mail when a child is absent for 3 consecutive days . Remember absence from school on a regular basis or lateness regularlyin the mornings seriously effects your child’s ability to learn and keep up with class work and can be viewed as child neglect if it continues on a regular basis . 

We report all absences of 20 days+ to the Welfare Board which is a legal requirement . Letters will issue this week to parents whose children have already missed 15 or more days to allow parents be aware of the absences building up for the child which they might be unaware of .

School Council and School Student presidential election takes place this Friday . We have a parents constituency and voting will take place on Friday from 9:20am until 11am This is part of our Living History month which includes a history focus in all classes. Infants have a Grandparents day on Friday also so please let us know if you are free to call in and be a part of our History focus . Thanks to those parents who already volunteered .

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