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Internet Safety – Cyber-bullying Parent Information

Please download, and print, if necessary, and refer regularly, to this important information booklet on Internet Safety

School Note 23 November

Cyber Bullying. Thank you to the huge crowd who attended the workshop this week. Notes from the workshop will be published on the blog shortly. Print them out or save them, and refer regularly to the advice they give.

Those who could not attend should contact Mr Conlon for advice this week. Note. No complaints regarding cyberbullying will be dealt with by the school.

Follow up exercises for 3rd to 6th classes were send home to be signed by parents. Please take note and continue to keep track of your child online.

P.A. Cook Book is now available to purchase. Price €15. A perfect Christmas present for family and friends. Almost every child in the school contributed and there are some great new things to try out. We have made it available over our e-payments facility. Books purchased will be sent home with your child within a day or two.

It will also be on sale in local shops throughout the town. Please support this P.A. fundraiser which is the only one for the school this Christmas. It would be great if at least 1 book per household was purchased.

Parents Association AGM will take place on Tuesday 29 November at 9.00 pm. The PA does invaluable work for the school throughout the year and they really appreciate the support of all the parents. One parent from each family is encouraged to attend the AGM. Parents from the junior infant group are especially invited to nominate members to the Parent Association.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Thursday 8 December. Holy Day of Obligation. The Catholic children will be attending mass at 11.30 pm in St Clare’s Church. Parents, Grandparents and Guardians are invited to join us. Provision will be made for our non-Catholic children to remain at school.

RSE programme for 6th Class starts this week.

Christmas Jumper Day. This year the school is participating in a fundraiser for Crumlin Children’s Hospital Christmas. Christmas Jumper Day, to raise awareness and funds for the work they do. Everyone, pupils, parents and teachers, are invited to wear their Christmas Jumper for the day and donate €2 to CMRF.

Red Bus Theatre. Our annual visit of the Red Bus Theatre Company will take place on Wednesday 21 December. Always a great show to bring home the message of Christmas in a very amusing and child friendly way. Funded from the school book scheme. Thanks to all for payment

Christmas Carol Service. The school will be participating in the Christmas Carol Service in St Clare’s Church on Wednesday 21 December. We hope Parents, Grandparents and Guardians can join us. The Carol Singers will also be singing at other venues around the town over Christmas. Keep an eye out for them and join in. HSE Head Office Building on 14 December.

Chess Club continues every Thursday night with Colm. €2 per night and coaching is provided by Colm O Mhuireagan. The club did very well in the competition last Sunday in Ballinasloe, with some cash prize winners. Congratulations to Mark McHugh who came third, Maggie Fergus who won the girls competition, and Owen Callinan, a past pupil who won the overall event. Next event is taking place on December 11 in Dublin. Details being finalised, but a bus will be organised if enough interest.

If any parents would like to avail of a day’s Christmas Shopping in Dublin they could avail of a Manorhamilton Dublin bus on the day. Give your name in to Colm or Mr Conlon .

Cold/Frosty Weather. Whilst this weather continues please read our guidance notes on the school blog and stay safe.

Christmas Holidays. The school closes for Christmas on the Thursday 22nd, before Christmas and we reopen on January 9th.

Apologies to anyone who received a text message they were not expecting about owing money.  This is a link to the PA Cook Book to purchase online.



UWAGA: Są to zarówno kwestie ochrony prawnej i dziecka związane z pozostawionej bez nadzoru lub słabo nadzorowane korzystanie z Internetu.
Mając to na uwadze, zapraszamy wszystkich rodziców / opiekunów do uczestnictwa nasze informacje na temat wykorzystania nocy dzieci z dzisiaj Internet i media społecznościowe Jest to istotny temat dla każdego rodzica, aby zapoznać się dookoła.
Wszystkie dzieci do 3 do 6 mieli warsztaty na ten temat dziś z samego trenera .He szkoli personel To popołudnie.
Pytamy każdego gospodarstwa domowego od 3 do 6, aby wysłać co najmniej jedną wieczorem przedstawiciela. Dyskusja rozpocznie się o godzinie 7pm SHARP. Zaloguj rolkę jak wprowadzić taką musimy poinformować Centrum Edukacji o tych, którzy uczestniczyli.

Stowarzyszenie Rodziców Book wprowadzenia: Dziękujemy wszystkim, którzy wysłał w recepturach do książki kucharskiej szkoły na początku tego miesiąca. Książka została opublikowana i gotowa i zostanie uruchomiona dzisiaj przez P.A. po powyższej rozmowie. Kopie będą dostępne do nabycia od dzisiaj. Przekąski serwowane będą dziś o uruchomieniu
Rodzice również uwaga
 Jeżeli temperatura spada i mamy mroźne / śliskie drogi rano lub ośnieżonych drogach możemy doradzić rodzicom
1. Bezpieczeństwo powinno być ich głównym problemem NIE uzyskanie dzieci do szkoły na 9:15.
2. Szkoła będzie prawie zawsze pozostają otwarte nawet w mroźne i śnieżne warunkach, ale rodzice powinni podjąć decyzję, aby uzyskać dzieci do szkoły w oparciu o ich bezpieczeństwo.
3. Nie ma problemu o spóźnienie na poranki, gdzie stosuje się te warunki, a dzieci mogą przyjść do szkoły do 11 rano.
4. Nie możemy zagwarantować, że tereny szkolne, parkingu, chodników itd ... zostaną usunięte całkowicie więc znowu rodzice powinni chodzić lub jeździć z zachowaniem należytej staranności na terenie szkoły
5. Należy zapewnić odpowiednie obuwie (buty / kalosze), przy czym najlepsze uchwyty itp .. są zużyte.
6. Jeśli jest śnieg dzieci będą mogły grać w śniegu, czy mają rękawice zapasowe buty itp ...

6-te class Program RSE Edukacja rozpoczyna w tym tygodniu.
pieniądze szkoły książki tytułu może być wypłacona w trybie online lub w zamkniętej kopercie do biura.

Cyberbullying Information Night / Book Launch and Weather arrangements

NOTE : There are both legal and child protection issues related to unsupervised or poorly supervised internet use .

With this in mind we invite ALL parents / guardians to attend our information night on children’s use of the internet and social media tonight  This is an essential topic for every parent to inform themselves about .

All children 3rd to 6th have had a workshop on the topic today with the same trainer .He trains staff this afternoon .

We ask EVERY household from 3rd to 6th to send at least one  representative tonight. The talk will start at 7pm SHARP . Please sign the roll as you enter as we must inform the Education Centre of those who attended .


Parents Association Book Launch: Thanks to everyone who sent in the recipes for the school cookery book earlier this month . The book is published and ready and will be launched tonight by the P.A. after the above talk . Copies will be available to purchase from tonight. Refreshments will be served tonight at the launch

Parents also Note

 If temperatures drop and we have frosty / slippy roads in the morning or snow covered roads we advise parents

  1. Safety should be their main concern NOT getting children to school for 9:15.
  2. The school will nearly always remain open even in frosty or snowy conditions BUT parents should make their decision to get children to school based on their safety .
  3. There is no problem about being late on mornings where these conditions apply and children may come to school up to 11am .
  4. We cannot guarantee that school grounds , carpark , footpaths etc… will be cleared completely so again parents should walk or drive with due care on school grounds
  5. Please ensure suitable footwear ( boots / wellingtons ) with best grips etc.. are worn .
  6. If there is snow the children will be allowed play in the snow if they have a gloves , spare boots etc…


6th class RSE Education programme starts this week .

School BOOK monies due can be paid either online or in a sealed envelope to the office .

School Note 15 November

Monday Night next – November 21st at 7pm – Cyber Bullying and the Dangers associated with misuse of social media -Jeremy Padgen.

The dangers of unsupervised internet access will be the topic of next Monday Nights Workshop for Parents /Guardians in the school hall at 7pm. We ask all parents from 4th to 6th classes to send one representative from the household.

We get regular complaints from parents regarding online bullying. Most children have access to internet with phones, x-box, tablets or computers. You may think supervised but it may not be as wi-fi and internet access is widely available. This is a topic parents need to be aware of and requires full community awareness.

This is Science week and all classes are exploring different areas of Science throughout the week. On Friday we will have a mini Science exhibition in the School Hall from 12:30 pm to 1:30pm.

3rd, 4th and 5th attend a Science meets Art workshop in the library tomorrow Wednesday. 2nd and 6th look scientifically at the great outdoors and other classes look closely at Light, Electricity, material properties and construction.

Science expertise very welcome this week – Please contact the school if you have anything to offer.

6th Class Tai Chi continues every Tuesday as the class learn secrets of balance and focusing the mind.

There are Tai Chi Classes open to parents every Tuesday evening in the school hall with Roisin. Call 0878367524 for details.

The School Dentist came to the school today and examined the teeth of 2nd, 4th and 6th classes. A good opportunity to revisit the topic of taking care of teeth with your child, brushing regularly, avoiding sugary drinks/juices, an apple a day etc..

6th class continue with Drug and Alcohol Danger Awareness programme on Mondays straight after school.

RSE programme starts next week for 6th class.

Road safety :

As the mornings and evenings are getting darker and the weather can be wet thus leaving visibility poor we are asking parents who drive onto the school grounds to follow the parking and set down routines.

DO NOT leave your car blocking others in the car park. Park in a space where one is available, wait in the set down area or at the sign at the entrance to the car park or better still walk from the church car park with your child whenever possible.

When walking encourage your child to wear a high visibility vest especially if not wearing light coloured coat. We have given every child a high visibility vest or armband as an awareness programme.

DO NOT park illegally at the school gate … remember there are traffic cameras at the school entrance and if you cause an accident you will be open to prosecutio .

Unfortunately we no longer encourage our children to cycle to school as we DO NOT consider it safe.

All classes have again taught the children the correct use of the Zebra Crossings, walking to school is a great option for our children and we ensure bags are light ….but they must be reminded of the safety rules regularly.

If the weather deteriorates and we get snow or frost the normal rules apply. The Roll will not be called until later to allow people travel to school safely and parents decide themselves based on their own judgement whether the roads are safe to travel on or not. The school will normally be open BUT care should be taken regarding footpaths and driveway.

Keep your Child active for the winter and give them the opportunity to socialise in a fun and healthy way

Afterschool Activies continue for our pupils every day straight after school GAA, Soccer, Tag Rugby, Fitness, Piano, Tin Whistle, Drama or Table tennis. Contact the provider (Phone numbers on the blog) for details and payment …not the school office.

North Leitrim Athletics Club               Tom 0861728543 .

GAA Academy                                    Dominick 0868511410

Girls/Boys Soccer u8/u10/ u12 / u14

Tennis Coaching                              Mary        0872290136

Choir  Tuesday nights –                     Kathleen 0863956388

Foroige Thursday nights                     Christine   0872479374

Dancing   Choice of schools -Kathleen O Hagan or Clare Mc Morrow

Chess Club continues every Thursday night with Colm. €2 per night and coaching is provided by Colm O Mhuireagan.

There is a Chess Competition this Sunday suitable for beginners and improvers in Ballinasloe .If you would like your child to try the event please contact put a note in the journal. Cost of + Entry and bus will be €15 approx. and the players should bring a snack and some pocket money. The Bus leaves from the school at 9am.

School Note 9 November

Remember the school doors open at 9am each morning. Children on the school grounds before 9 and after 3pm (2pm on Fridays) are not the responsibility of the Board of Management.

Children attend After-school classes after agreement with the provider and are the providers responsibility and attend only with parental permission.


School Dentist – Will visit 2nd, 4th and 6th on Tuesday 15 November. Permission cards are being sent home, and should be returned to the office, completed, by Thursday.


Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation   – Fr Oliver will hear Catholic children’s Confessions on this Thursday 10th November during Religion Time and /or Lunch Break. If you are a Catholic parent but do not want your child to receive the sacrament at school please let us know. Otherwise please discuss the sacrament with your child and go over the ritual, the preparation and the act of sorrow with them tonight.


Cyber Bullying – A workshop will be held to discuss all aspects of cyber-bullying, internet safety, for parents to learn how to properly protect and monitor their children’s online activities on Monday 21st November from 7.00 pm until 9.00 pm. One parent from each family in 4th, 5th and 6th are requested to attend.

Guitar lessons – If anyone is interested in their children learning the Guitar, lessons may be made available on Friday’s after school. Please phone the school to confirm your interest.

Chess Club every Thursday Night with Colm at 7:30 to 8:30. Coaching available and beginners welcome. Team competition coming up on11 December in Dublin. Please let Colm know this Thursday if you would like your child to participate.

After School Table Tennis starts this Friday 1:45 to 2:45 for those interested €2 per day.

Gardening is finished until the Spring.


Road safety: All classes have done a road safety lesson this week. We ask ALL pupils to wear a high visibility jacket to school tomorrow if they have one at home. We have some but not enough for everyone. Awareness is the objective …

Science Week NEXT WEEK. If any parent has a science skill to share with any class they will be welcome to come in …just let us know. As part of Science Week Sligo IT have a Science Fair on Saturday 13 November from 12.00 – 5.00 pm. Always good.

Details on