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February 8th Note 2017

Enrolment for September 2017 open only until March 1st Very few remaining spaces in any of our classes. Advise any relation, neighbour or anyone moving into the area that you are aware of please.

History Month comes to a close next week and we ask the children to bring in interesting items from sheds /attics or old photographs from the region that are of historical interest for a class museum display next week . We hope to exhibit a selection in the Sculpture Centre in 2 weeks time for parents to visit .

Thanks to Aodh Flynn , Margaret Connolly and Bernie Mc Gurrin who came in to talk to the children about times past If anyone parent or Grandparent would like to come in in the next few days we would be delighted … just 30 minutes at a time that suits you to answer the children’s questions about when you were young , your school days , games , etc…would be really appreciated . Call 9855703 .


Safety and Hygiene . We ask parents /guardians to revisit the whole area of toilet etiquette with their child. We allow children free access to toilets and issues have arisen in relation to the cleanliness of some toilets after use . Regular checks are now carried out and it would be better to avoid the embarrassment of YOUR child being unable to leave the toilet in suitable condition for the next user.


Tennis Coaching available on Sundays at the Tennis Courts . Professional coaching and a great opportunity for children of all ages  Call Mary for information and details at 0872290136 .

Chess Club continues every Thursday night with matches and coaching Colm is delighted to welcome the beginners from Infants and 1st / 2nd class who now can also play chess. Irish Junior chess Championships in Sligo April 7th to 9th is a once off opportunity for your child to participate in this level of event with categories including beginner , u8 to u19 .Group entry rates are much lower than individual entry Contact the school office or Colm for details  .

The annual PA school walk will take place provisionally on Sunday April 2nd . We hope this will raise enough funds for the swimming programme. Thanks to everyone who sent in the €5 to allow it be started.Swimming…finishes for 3rd and 4th next Tuesday. Hopefully following the walk we will have finances a refresher later in the year . 1st and 2nd class start the following week.

5th and 6th classes also start on Wednesdays in March and parents should try  to arrange  a practice session or 2 before their lessons start as they will be lane swimming this year . Public hours in Sligo Sports Complex every night 8 to 10 or Saturdays 3 to 4pm .


Please send in any books , annuals , magazines , full jigsaws etc… that your child has outgrown into the school . We will put them to good use . Also we have a used clothes collection coming up and bags can be left in the school hall at any stage if you have a bag ready .


After school dancing finishes at midterm in February as Kathleen goes on Maternity leave. The gardening club and Tai Chi will operate in the same time slots . 6th class have already done Tai Chi and this is an opportunity for them to continue with the art which is very helpful for concentration and discipline as well as fitness. Parents should consider both these activities and their value for their own child as  mindfulness activities .


A number of parents have expressed interest in a morning club as they need to drop children off early as they need to be at work for 8:30 or 9am . The Board takes NO responsibility for children before 9 but would be happy to consider the school facilities being made available as in the after school clubs .

Please Note the Board does not request any payment for the use of the school facilities / classrooms / astro etc..for the afterschool clubs and services as it is a service being offered to our parents at a reasonable rate .

Infant Parent Teacher meeting will take place over the next 2 weeks. Please keep your appointment time ar call the school to rearrange.


We try to encourage the 3rd to 6thclasses to run each day at school and keep reasonably fit and healthy. There are approximately 20 children now who tell us they cannot run …most genuinely. Please send in a note or e mail to Mr Conlon or call 9855703 if your child cannot run for some reason and we have not already been informed of it.

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