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Nov Note 3

Note : The school closure for planning day next week has been again cancelled and will take place in 2018

Our 1st to 4th classes enjoyed a shared learning day with Enniskillen Integrated P.S. this week. Photos are on the school blog. They will be in contact with these children throughout the year and share learning experiences in Science ICT and Maths. This is a Peace 4 funded project.

Our focus on Science this month continues with the Big Bear Planetarium coming to the school for all classes next Tuesday(Funded via school book scheme) . We will have our own Science Exhibition next Friday December 1st in the school hall .

Final Parent Teacher Meetings are taking place today with the exception of a small number which will take place next week. If you did not get an appointment or you need an additional meeting for any reason contact the office .

5th and 6th Classes continue to learn the repertoire for Peace Proms and those who opted to attend the event will go to Belfast on February 6th for a workshop and then back again to the Concert in Belfast on Sunday February 25th The parents of the children participating will receive an e mail offering tickets for the event which will be available from Ticketmaster. The children performing will not need tickets and will be transported to and from Belfast by bus from the school with the teachers supervising. If parents wish to go to the concert and avail of a bus they should notify the school asap but tickets must be purchased by the parents for themselves online at Ticketmaster.

Do this in Memory of Me mass next Sunday at 11:30 for those children in 2nd class preparing for 1st communion.

Well done to all our team members from 3rd and 4th class who participated in the Connacht Finals Cross Country last weekend .

Chess Club continues tonight between 7pm and 9pm , open to all Sen. Inf to 16year olds , drop in /out, €2 per night. Parents required to assist with supervision rota .

Christmas Activities arrangements :

Friday Dec. 8th : 9:30am mass in the church for Catholic pupils. Those who do not attend church attend school as usual , activity and supervision provided in the school.

Friday Dec.13th : our 1st to 3rd classes will attend the Learning network Panto in the Bee Park

Friday December 15th : School Concert in the Bee park for 1st to 6th classes from 10:30 am till 12approx .Parents and family members Welcome

Monday 18th : Red Bus Theatre perform a Christian Themed Christmas Puppet Show for all classes in the school hall .

Tuesday Dec. 19th: Sen. Inf. Show School Hall 10am. Wednesday Dec. 20th:Jun. Inf. Show School Hall 10am.

Friday 22nd: Christmas Holidays follow special visitor (We Hope) to the school from 10am .


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