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December Note 1


A selection from 5th and 6th will be carol singing in Supervalue this Wednesday night at 6pm to 6;30pm.

3rd to 6th will be carol singing in Arus Brefni and the hospital and the HSE offices next week .

To be allowed participate in these outings it is expected that the children have learned the words of the carols and christmas songs and show interest in taking part fully.For this reason this is the primary homework allocation each night for the pupils 1st to 6th.If you wish your child to participate please ensure they do so and help them if possible by listening to their songs /carols etc…

Chess Club continues every Thursday night  between 7pm and 9pm , open to all Sen. Inf to 16year olds , drop in /out, €2 per night. Parents required to assist with supervision rota . All club attendees this week will receive a free gold membership for 2 months

Christmas Activities arrangements:

All 1st to 6th class children go directly to the Bee Park centre this Friday morning at 9am for a concert rehearsal. We will take Catholic children to 11;30 mass in the church.

Wednesday Dec.13th : Our 1st to 4th classes will attend the Learning network Panto in the Bee Park.

Thursday 14th : Rehearsal in the Bee park followed by a visit to St Clare’s Comprehensive Craft Fair in the Gym.

Friday December 15th : School Concert in the Bee park for 1st to 6th classes from 10:30 am till 12approx .Parents and family members Welcome

Monday 18th : Red Bus Theatre perform a Christian Themed Christmas Puppet Show for all classes in the school hall.If you do NOT want your child to attend please notify us this week please.

Tuesday Dec. 19th: Sen. Inf. Show School Hall 10am. Wednesday Dec. 20th:Jun. Inf. Show School Hall 10am.

Friday 22nd: Christmas Holidays follow special visitor (We Hope) to the school from 10am.


We reopen on Monday January 8th



…applies to school attendance on mornings when there is snow /ice or slippy roads . When the roads are dangerous in your area note that normal punctuality for 9:20am attendance is not to be considered and children are welcome to arrive when you feel it is safe up to 11;15 on these mornings or –  keep the children at home if you consider it dangerous to travel on the roads or footpaths .

While we will try to keep our own grounds safe it is not guaranteed to be frost free and all parents /pupils should take due care on school grounds . The school will open once we have more than 50% of our staff available to attend and we will have consultation with Board and PA representatives if any decision to close the school is required . Appropriate footwear and clothes for snow /frost and ice is recommended .

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