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December 13th Note

Christmas Activities arrangements:

All 1st to 6th class children go directly to the Bee Park centre both tomorrow Thursday  Friday morning 9am – 9:20am for a concert rehearsal.

On Thursday 14th 1st to 6th classes may after rehearsal in the Bee park visit the St Clare’s Comprehensive Craft Fair in the Gym. ( Weather permitting)

Friday December 15th : School Concert in the Bee park for 1st to 6th classes from 10:30 am till 12approx .Parents and family members are welcome to the performance.

3rd to 6th will be carol singing in Arus Brefni and the hospital next week .

Monday 18th : Red Bus Theatre perform a Christian Themed Christmas Puppet Show for all classes in the school hall. If you do NOT want your child to attend please notify us this week please.

Tuesday Dec. 19th: Sen. Inf. Show School Hall 10am. Wednesday Dec. 20th:Jun. Inf. Show School Hall 10am.

Friday 22nd: Christmas Holidays follow special visitor (We Hope) to the school from 10am.

We reopen on Monday January 8th

PLEASE NOTE in the frost and snow and icy mornings:              SAFETY FIRST… relation to school attendance and punctuality  

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