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January Note 3

The school is closed for pupils on the Tuesday of NEXT week January 30th for Dept. of Ed. Staff training . pupils have no school on that day.

Next Parent Association  meeting is tomorrow  Tuesday 23rd January, at the earlier time of 8pm (in the school in the room of 6th class). All members of the committee are asked to attend .
New members are welcome anytime .

Peace Proms choir practice takes place in Belfast on February 6th . If any parents of choir members wish to travel to Belfast for the day please contact the school office . Rehearsal takes place in Queens University and we also visit the  Ulster Museum on this day. 

The concert takes place on Sunday February 25th in Belfast , Parents who wish to travel on the bus should book a seat asap . Those travelling by car with their child should let us know also asap.

Chess event in Newtownforbes , The Brian Collum memorial takes place on March 9th and we will bring a bus with teams from the school on the day . Those from 3rd to 6th who attend chess club will be given 1st option for this outing . Chess Club continues on Thursdays at 7pm to 9pm . We are the current holders of both the Leitrim and the Overall Briam Collum Trophies .

Reminder : All school absences with reason for absence should be recorded in your childs Journal ( at the back ) and signed by a parent before return to school . The school MUST be notified by phone or e mail when a child is absent for 3 consecutive days . Remember absence from school on a regular basis or lateness regularlyin the mornings seriously effects your child’s ability to learn and keep up with class work and can be viewed as child neglect if it continues on a regular basis . 

We report all absences of 20 days+ to the Welfare Board which is a legal requirement . Letters will issue this week to parents whose children have already missed 15 or more days to allow parents be aware of the absences building up for the child which they might be unaware of .

School Council and School Student presidential election takes place this Friday . We have a parents constituency and voting will take place on Friday from 9:20am until 11am This is part of our Living History month which includes a history focus in all classes. Infants have a Grandparents day on Friday also so please let us know if you are free to call in and be a part of our History focus . Thanks to those parents who already volunteered .

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