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Feb 1st Note


School Enrolment for September is open and junior infant places are filling up (2 places remain). Please send in request for enrolment forms as soon as possible

January was Focus on History month here in the school.

As part of the development of awareness of citizenship / democracy we had the Student council elections in which all classes participated .Those elected were -President : Ryan Gilligan    Vice President: Aine Mc Loughlin ….Council members : Roisin Yilmaz, Rebecca Mc Gauren , Mary Farry and  Ross Forde .The council will meet every month to ensure pupil ideas and concerns are taken into account in school procedures and policy .

Infants had a grandparents day where many grandparents came in to play games and tell stories to the children.

1st and 5th make St. Brigid Crosses today Feb. 1st.

We would like to invite grandparents to come in again to older classes to help pass on their skills and stories e.g Playing card games like 25, Knitting or craft skills Grandparents/Parents -Please let us know if you are able  to do this at any stage this term .

Many classes had projects or displays from a period in History and we put on an exhibition in The sculpture centre with miniature battle scenes and artefacts and anti-war posters etc..

School Outings: Our Pupils are given opportunities to participate in various activities many of these involve after school / out of school time and thus are opt in. If your child has not opted into anything take note – in case your child is opting out of everything and losing out on opportunities , social and educational without your knowledge .

The following are coming up over the next weeks  :

Peace Proms Concert rehearsal in Belfast was open to all pupils in 5th and 6th Rehearsal next Tuesday February 6th in Queens University Belfast . The Bus will leave the school at 8:30 am SHARP on Tuesday next, returns at 6pm approx.

The concert is on Sunday February 26th also in Belfast. There are a few bus spaces remaining for parents attending (Parents are not required to attend as Mr. Conlon, Mrs Fox and Ms. Mc Dermott will take the children on that Sunday.

Inter School Sports Participation ;

Pupils from 3rd to 6th are also given the opportunity to participate in sports team events , Donegal /North Leitrim Large school gaelic Football League , inter school soccer 11 a side games and inter school Basketball matches . To opt in for this the pupils should attend training during break times and after school on Tuesdays. This will be general sports training , fitness , ball skills and team drills .Teams will be selected from those who opt in.

Chess Events : There are a number of chess events and competitions coming up including The Brian Collum event in Newtownforbes on Friday March 9th . Those who attend Thursday nights chess club will get 1st option on this trip ( leaving at 8:30 / return 6pm.

Feiseanna : There are a number of Feiseanna in Sligo from March on entries close for some events on Feb. 9th. Check online Feis Shligigh / Feis Ceoil) for pupils to take part in recitation /drama /art /comhra etc…We would encourage parents to enter and we will prepare all children for the Feis Ceoil primary school poetry recitation primary school event . ( Poems given out this week )

The events take place evenings /weekends and over the Easter holiday period .

Whole Class / In school Trips and outings include ….

Whole Classes- Chess Checkmates day in the Bee Park on March 2nd

1st and 2nd classes travel to Enniskillen Integrated primary on Tuesday 13th. 3rd and 4th will be visited by their partner classes from Enniskillen Integrated on the same day. 

5th and 6th Class attend the Comprehensive Musical ‘Annie’ next Wednesday in the Bee Park.

5th visit Kathleen’s Falls Power Station ( Feb 13th )

Library visits ( monthly ) all classes .

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