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Weather Warnings and School closure questions answered

As temperatures drop this week  we may have  snow falls  and  frosty/slippery roads in the morning or snow covered roads we advise parents;

  1. Safety should be the only /  main concern NOT getting children to school for 9:15 or at all if they consider it unsafe for them to travel to school .
  2. The school will nearly always remain open even in frosty or snowy conditions BUT parents should make their decision to get children to school based on their safety.
  3. We will close if 50% of staff are unable to attend or if the representative committee approved by the board decide on closure . This committee has one parent , one staff rep. and a BOM rep .
  4. There is no problem about being late on mornings where these conditions apply and children may come to school up to 11am .
  5. We cannot guarantee that school grounds, car park, footpaths, etc.,… will be cleared completely so again parents should walk or drive with due care on school grounds. 
  6. Please ensure suitable footwear (boots/wellingtons) with best grips etc., are worn on these days .
  7. If there is snow the children will be allowed play in the snow if they have a gloves, spare boots, etc.

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