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Note 1 September 2018

We welcome all our pupils back for this school year. A special welcome to our 31 new pupils.

Ms Jenkins will meet all Junior Infant parents between 8:30 and 9am or after 2pm on the week Monday to Thursday starting September 24th. Please let her know via the journal the day and time that is most convenient . All other new parents to the school will be met by their class teacher this week.

The remaining 1st to 4th class P.T. meetings will take place in late October with Jun and Sen infants in February. However please ring the school principal to make an appointment if there is any issue of concern . We wish and  work on the basis that in solving small problems in a timely manner we prevent larger problems so really NO school related  problem is too small. This is especially true of any Bullying or Behaviour concern  .We will not deal with non school related issues ( e.g . anything after school time / afterschools etc…)

All Absences MUST be notified by a note in the journal or a phone call or e mail to the school. Late ( from 9:20am ) arrivals MUST be signed in by an adult in the school hall .

School Clothes should be age and weather appropriate – rain / cold / sun / snow. Name labels on all coats and jumpers are vital .

Religion : Parents are reminded that our school has a Catholic Ethos We had school mass on Friday for all Catholic children enrolled. Non Catholics are catered for according to policy. Religion each day is prior to or following break times or home time to facilitate parents who may wish to remove take them out of the class for the period . First Holy meeting for Catholic parents of 2nd class pupils  this Tuesday night in the school hall at 8pm

Healthy Eating: We promote healthy lifestyles, good diet and activity for pupils and their families. We ask that whenever possible

  1. Children walk to school with a safe walkway from the church car park and via the Mc Dermott Tce. Entrance. If parents have time to walk with younger children this would be great.
  2. Lunches include one fruit or vegetable for first break EVERY DAY , one treat on Friday which is for the child themselves not for sharing THUS NO packets or roll’s of sweets / biscuits etc… , No crisps or sweetened drinks at any time.
  3. PE. will take place EVERY Tuesday in all classes and on at least one other day ( usually Fridays ) Runners and sports wear on these PE days ( and possibly Every Day )

Thanks to the vast majority of parents and guardians who has paid for book and activity money so promptly this year. Please note that this covers personal accident insurance cover for all school activities. Our Music  Teacher starts on Thursday 26th and the €1 per child per week will be paid from this fund.  The balance of moneys for those who paid in part can be set up by direct debit or paid in instalments up to end of October We have an online  IXL Maths Programme up and running in 2nd to 6th classes . All pupils will get access to this online programme at some stage throughout the year and please note it can be used at home as well as at school. 

Homework Policy was reviewed last year and policy has not been changed substantially following the feedback. (See Policy on our  website / blog  or request a paper copy if required)  

  1. Homework normally has 3 parts , Reading , Writing ( e.g. Maths) and Learn .
  2. Times set out in the policy are MAXIMUM times once a parent /guardian signs the journal you are saying the homework is completed to YOUR satisfaction.

3.Homework is flexible to cater for children with different abilities (usually time based … e.g. maths / read / write  for 10 minutes .

4.Homework EVERY weeknight and NO homework at the weekends UNLESS BY A SPECIFIC AGREEMENT WITH PARENTS.We do NOT allocate work for holidays. If you choose to holiday during school time that is understandable for personal reasons but will not be approved or facilitated by the school . PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU HAVE CHANGED MOBILE NUMBER and YOUR EMAIL FOR SCHOOL COMMUNICATIONS IF POSSIBLE.

Annual School Report 2017/18

Annual Report 2017-18

I would like to thank all the whole school community our staff, pupils, parents, Board of Management, Parent Association and the local community for their work and support for the school in 2017/18

Pupil’s reports were available on Wednesday June 20th .The reports intend to inform our parents of their child’s educational development across all subject areas and report on the years behaviour and attendance from the class teachers perspective. We advise parents to use this report to inform themselves of the child’s strengths and areas of concern as our reports are intended to give a clear and honest appraisal of each pupil with a view to planning the future progress of each pupil individually.

Literacy and numeracy standards are the priority in our school and our reports try to indicate accurately to parents the level of achievement reached. We use standardised National tests which give STEN scores or Reading /spelling ages in 2nd ,4th and 6th classes The STEN is a  rating  1 to 10, 10 being the best indicating your child is in the top 10% for their class in Ireland while 1 would indicate your child being in the lowest 10% for their age or class in the country.

For 1st ,3rd and 5th NON STANDARDISED maths tests  (Busy at Maths/ Planet Maths ) are used and these results are given as a percentage. This percentage should be read as the % of the class learning in Maths understood by your child at the time of testing. The tests are carried out a number of times throughout the year and the result is an average of the tests carried out . Parents should know that the maths Curriculum in 1st , 3rd and 5th classes is repeated in the following year at a higher level ( 2nd /4th and 6th ) and thus each child has 2 years to get a grasp of the concepts being taught .

Writing tests are based on a single piece of writing carried out in all classes 1st to 6th  . All writing samples are scored according to an agreed scoring system in all classes which allow for grammar / presentation / style and creativity . Classes also use Literacy or Maths tests scored out of 100

The Bury, Junior Infant Test has a maximum score of 60.Senior Infants also have a MIST     (Middle Infant Screening Test)

Other subject area are reported using standard of achievement, participation /enjoyment levels and individual talent. P.E. takes sportsmanship into account, S.P.H.E. takes practical application of healthy eating and bullying awareness into account.

We continue to place a huge value on learning from real life experiences and the environment and so once again all classes were taken on a number educational trips throughout the year paid for from the school book Purchase scheme. Through these outings the children get a real experience of Science, Maths, History and Geography as well as a chance to meet other children and make social contact with peers and perhaps make new friends .

1st to 4th classes were particularly fortunate in this regard as they benefited from participation in Peace 4 CASE ( Shared Education ) project which we  did in partnership with Enniskillen Integrated Primary. They enjoyed 6 shared Learning days as part of this project and the opportunity to make new friends as they met on so many occasions. In the next school year our  1st to 4th classes are partnered with the classes in Carbury P.S in Sligo for the Peace 4 project and we look forward to new friendships and shared learning opportunities .

Our S.E.T ( Special Education Teachers) team continue to plan and deliver individualised support for many pupils using both withdrawal and in classroom methods in all classes. Teamwork is a key feature in terms of the support delivered. Ongoing professional development by our teachers plays a huge role is ensuring all pupils get a high quality of teaching.

Our school garden continues to progress. We have put in an edible garden space with 8 raised beds , one for each class . We will have a garden tunnel in place for September so that this outdoor  learning will continue all throughout the school year.

Our choirs performed at all our church occasions and we had a Christmas carol service and musical dramas for all classes . 5th and 6th classes learned the 20 song repertoire for the Peace Proms and travelled to Belfast to perform in the Peace Proms choir there. Singing is an important part of our culture and all our children can sing a good repertoire in either English or Irish and most importantly learn to love to sing and enjoy music. Next year all classes are enrolled for the Music generation Project . A specialised music teacher will teach music in each classroom one day per week for 26 weeks. Our aim here is to raise the standard of music to a higher level in the school and to include composition and instrumental music in all classes .The cost of this programme will be  €1 per week per child . We hope that most of the cost of this programme will be covered under the school book and services purchase scheme.

Both 5th and 6th classes this year were given the option of a week in the Gaeltacht in Gweedore. The idea is intended to foster a love of our language which is the focus of the school in relation to the teaching of Irish. The feedback from both parents and pupils(32) who attended was positive .

We participated in many art events including Sligo Feis, Art Credit Union art and Manorhamilton Show competitions with many winners  . We also hosted an exhibition of school art and project work in the Sculpture Centre this year in January in conjunction with History month .

The school has participated and promoted a wide range of activities both during and after school this year. Soccer, Gaelic football, hurling, Chess , dance, Cycling,  athletics, art, drama, rugby, tennis and table tennis were all made available to our pupils. We took part in the 15 a side North Leitrim / South Donegal League . We participated in a number of athletic events including cross country and sports jamborees ( sport for every child regardless of ability ). All our classes from 1st to 6th took part in the 3km /5km Kidz on the run which took place in the beautiful Milltown Woods this year. Our pupils participated in many Chess events.

Our inclusive ethos means that we concentrate primarily on activities and events that include EVERY child regardless of ability or interest The school ethos encourages and values child participation over winning and we count successes in numbers participating rather and overall enjoyment rather than in trophies won. However we also like to compete on occasion and we participated in the SDNL large schools 15 a side football league and hosted the finals on Glencar Manorhamilton’s new pitch. Both boys and girls teams reached the A League final. Our boys were successful for the first time ever in winning the A Cup which we have the honour of naming the Michael Galvin Cup, in memory of one of our parents who played such a huge part in the development of the school.

The school grounds, building and all weather pitch have been made available for all those promoting activities for children and is provided  by the school so a variety of activities can be accessed  all our parents and children. Activities this year have included hurling, football , soccer , dance, Tai Chi ,  traditional music, chess and piano.

We are a Catholic school and we cater for children of all faiths and none. Approximately 20 % of our pupils are non-Catholic. We make provision for non-Catholic children during religion time or during Catholic events. Religion teaching is timetabled before or after the 12:30 break or last 30 minutes in the evening so parents, if they so wish can remove their child from the school for this period . Otherwise alternate activity during religion time in the classroom is facilitated and parents are welcome to send in an activity for the religion time. Parent volunteer teams do most of the work preparing the Catholic children for Confirmation outside of school time with the help of Padraig Kelly (parish deacon) and Fr. Oliver who facilitate the parish Be My Witness and the Do this in Memory of Me preparation programmes. We had mass during school time on 3 occasions to mark the beginning and end of the school year and on Dec. 8th

Prevention of bullying and the promotion of wellness and positive mental health for pupils and staff continues to be a major challenge. We continue to believe that prevention and early effective intervention is the key to success in this area. Our No Blame policy in relation to Bullying is extremely important and we encourage all pupils, parents and staff to understand and respect this approach. Building resilience is also essential. We intend to run a Social Media Awareness and Cyber Bullying information workshop for all staff, children and parents 3rd to 6th early in the next school year and we will ask all parents to participate.

Teacher Allocation for 2018 /19 .The teachers and classes are as follows. Please note these are provisional allocations .

Junior Infs. Roisin Jenkins.      Senior Infs. Aisling Gordon.

1st Class: Padraig Ward.         2nd Class .Fidelma Fox      

3rd Class: Deirdre Mc Dermott  4th Class: Claire Sheerin

5th Class:Michael Dolan          6th Class :Claire Gibbons .

S.E.T Team – Maeve Conlon ( Special needs Coordinator) , Ms Irene Kerrigan and  Ms. Stephanie Kelly. 

Special Needs Assistants are Roisin Kelly  ,Geraldine Kivlehan , Tracy Stewart and Grainne Feehily (Infant Day ).


The following are the dates the schools are closed for the next school year 2018 /2019 .


October Midterm- Monday 29th of October -Friday 2nd of November

Christmas – Monday 24th of December to Friday 4th of January (2 weeks)

February Midterm – Thursday 21st of February to Friday 22nd of February

Easter- Monday 15th of April to Friday 26th of April (2 weeks)

Bank Holidays – Monday 19th of March Monday 7th of May Monday 4th of June

Pupils start the new school year on the Wednesday the 29th of August . We will finish on Friday the 21st of June.

School Activities/Book Supply Scheme: The school book scheme operates as in previous years but has been increased to €120 this year. This covers the costs throughout the year including all books, insurance, tests, art supplies and photocopying and school trips. It also will cover some of the cost associated with the new Music Generation Programme .

We are online at  Our website and blog pages are regularly updated and through these we communicate all policy information and general news, photos and information of interest for all staff, parents and pupils. E-mail and e payments are the most popular means of communicating with the school and we encourage our parents to use both. Paper option is also available.

This year we had a Whole School Evaluation in November. Two Department of Education Inspectors spent 5 days in our school evaluating the teaching and learning in the school There is a link to the full report on our blog website and we encourage all our parents to read it. The report recognised the schools strengths across a range of areas.

One recommendation was that we put a programme in place for our higher achievers in maths. This is reflective of the high standard of Maths in the school where we are on average 20 % above the national average in our National Standardised tests. To this effect we are introducing the IXL Online Maths learning for our high achievers in September 2018 while continuing with the previous programmes such as Brainsnack and Chess for Learning. Other minor recommendations are already adopted into school policy.

We reopen for pupils on Wednesday August 29th.New Infants will go home at 12 for the first 3 days. 

PLEASE NOTE that changes to school openings may be required as part of contingency arrangements to make up for time lost due to unforeseen school closures. Where contingency arrangements are required the B.O.M. may reduce the length of the Easter break or may extend the school year until June 30th 2019.

All afterschool activities will commence on Monday September 3rd with Registration for these activities on Thursday August 30st at 1pm . This year there is also the additional service of school lunches delivered each day for pupils being facilitated  if parents wish to avail of it .

Our thanks to the Board of Management members who give of their time voluntarily for the benefit of the children parents and community . Kieran Ryan ( Chairperson ), Fr. Oliver Kelly ( Bishops Nominee),Sinead Connolly and  Liam Gilligan ( Parents) , Stephanie Kelly  ( Teacher),Ann Gilligan and Maria Lynch(Community) .

The elected student council led by the elected president Ryan Gilligan are to be congratulated on their work this year. They organised a number of events including a hot chocolate day and a ticket draw helping with the funding of the new basketball courts. They also gave valuable advice to the principal on making our school a child friendly place.

Our sincere thanks to all our parents who have been so supportive throughout the last year, A special word of thanks to the Parents Association Committee members Declan Drohan , Chris Boyle,  Denise O Reilly , Georgina Meehan  and Jackie Fox. I would especially like to acknowledge the many parents who volunteered for the various school activities throughout the year , Without this support we could not plan such a range of activity for the pupils. These included the Fancy Dress Halloween Disco , Santa Visit ,School sponsored walk ,3km/5km walk /run in Lurganboy, Bike Day , SDNL Gaelic Finals , Beach Trips SESE trips , library Visits , theatre visits and the very successful School Fayre and BBQ at the end of the year.

We promote ,on an ongoing basis, 3 qualities in our pupils which were acknowledged in the regular classroom pupil of the week /month awards and end of year awards. The pursuit of excellence in every area, the ability to work hard /self-improvement and kindness and caring for others. Congratulations to all those who were recognised for achievement in these areas.

The 6th class Student of the year who excelled in all 3 areas at all times was Aine Mc Loughlin.

In all circumstances this year our pupils have been a credit to the school, the community and most of all to you the parents. We look forward to another successful year ahead for all pupils, staff, parents and the community we serve.

Yours Sincerely,


John Conlon (School Principal) August 6th , 2018.

Schools Lunches Delivered Service for Parents

Parents / Guardians  

The Manorhamilton Castle Cafe are offering to supply and deliver school lunches in the coming school year .

The lunches are in accordance with school lunch Healthy Eating Policy and include a drink and fresh fruit every day with a treat included on Fridays .

We will facilitate this service if parents are interested and the service will be as with after school services where the orders , agreement and payments will be directly between the parent/guardian and the Cafe supplier . The school will have no other role or responsibility in relation to the service and we facilitate it in the hope that our families make find it convenient and helpful .

As with all services a minimum number of participants will be required for the school lunch service to be viable . Contact the Cafe directly in relation to all questions , queries or orders . Details are included on the flyer e mailed to each family with e mail  .

If you would like to avail of this offer, please email 

Place and pay for your first week’s (3rd-7th September) order by Friday 24th August and receive 29th-31st week FREE.

Price per child per week: €12.50

Junior and Senior Infants Sports Day 2018

School Note May 2nd .

Confirmation takes place this Saturday at 12 and we ask all choir members to be on the gallery by 11:50am . There is a rehearsal at 7:30pm  for all those receiving the sacrament .

The school open day is on Thursday May 17th , our 6th class go to the secondary school on that day and our new Junior Infants come to school for the morning . All classes will move on to their provisional classroom and teacher for the day .

An information brochure regarding the HPV vaccine for girls and the MenC and Tdap vaccine for all children  goes home today . Please check it out and ensure you are aware of the vaccine protections.

31 children from 5th /6th classes go to the Gaeltacht in Gwedore for a week from May 21st to May 25th . The balance of monies can be paid to the school or directly to the Colaiste (online to school if possible) any time before Friday the 18th May. Any questions regarding the Gaeltacht can be got from Kevin or Aisling  Cassidy , Colaiste Chu Chulainn 0871168241.

We lost narrowly to Ballyshannon  in the SDNL league last Friday .Our Girls B team drew their game  following a superb performance from Player of that match Kate Galvin. .Luke Farrell was player of his match but unfortunately went off injured in the game and Nathan Scott in the Boys B was outstanding. There was a fabulous performance from Maeve Mc Gagh and Sophie Dalton in the girls A Match .

We play Bundoran next Wednesday in the 3rd round of the SDNL league at 10:30 in Bundoran , with both boys and girls teams requiring a win to qualify for the A Final  .

Well done to our athletes who took part in the Athletics at the Comprehensive last Sunday . The school ended up in 3rd place overall. Next week we begin the training with all 1st to 6th classes for the now annual 3km /5km walk /run which will take place in mid June .

There is Primary Schools Girls Chess Team event is in Dublin on May 19th. Any parent interested should contact Chris at the Chess Club on Thursday night or contact the school office .

Our new edible garden area is in place and all classes have their own growing space being prepared for planting this week . Parents are welcome to get involved and we especially thank Mark O Reilly for his work in helping us get the garden up and running .

The cost of the school book and activities will increase to €120 this year . This money pays for

  1. All books and copies. This includes individual reading schemes and class /group novels in all classes.
  2. Personal Accident Pupil Insurance.
  3. All bus trips for SESE ( a minimum of 3 per class)
  4. Professional Drama Productions ( A minimum of 2 per year but 3 this year )
  5. Additional ICT tablets /laptops ICT licences and app purchase for class.
  6. Costs for specialised sports, science, music , art or gardening experts .

One of the main increase in expenses next year will be the Music Generation . Every class in the school will have a professional musician in each week to teach music.

We ask all parents who wish to continue to avail of the school scheme to pay a minimum of €60 before the summer and the remainder in September . Those who wish to purchase the books themselves and pay for trips/shows  etc…as they occur can do so .We will supply a booklist to them after the open day on May 17th .

Payment can be made online  from June onwards and we encourage parents to use the online system of payment if possible. 

April 23rd 2018 School Information

ACTIVE SCHOOLS WEEK :This is active schools week around the country  but we try to make EVERY week an active week her in this school . We ask parents to build on this at home and encourage their child to BE ACTIVE . This can include any  activities  from  walking to school ,competitive games to leisure and fun games to Gardening or running .

The Media and news broadcasts are constantly referring to serious problems caused by …..

  1. Smart phone availability for children ( One school parent body have banned smart phone use from all children in the school for 3 months)
  2. Obesity problems among children ( A huge health issue)
  3. Resilence , anxiety and mental health issues relating to children . ( Often related to the above )

While these problems would appear to be a minority issue here in Manorhamilton we would ask OUR PARENT body to look at the issues in relation to their own child and take appropriate steps where necessary .

Being active and social are good barriers and strategies to avoid many issues . Only you the parents can address many of the concerns but here in the school we are happy to assist in  providing  a wide range of activities to suit every child . We ask parents to

  1. Consider your child’s access to internet / smart phones etc… and the time spent online.
  2. How active is your child and are they given the opportunity to interact socially with their peers

(as opposed to  social media)

  1. Is your child relatively fit and healthy for their age and what opportunities do you provide for them to be physically active.
  2. Can your child walk to school from home or from the church car park . Do you have the time to walk with them on certain days ?
  3. We are reviewing Homework policy at the moment …could Homework be activity based ?

Below is a sample of how we encourage activity and sociability.

Class basketball and Olympic Handball teams travel to Sligo for a sports Jamboree( Basketball /Olympic Handball etc…)  on Friday 27th . 5th and 6th Training /Coaching with Liam Thursday after school.

Football : We play Ballyshannon away in the SDNL League this Friday at 11am . Again we have 2 Boys and 2 girls teams playing involving 50 players . The final match will be against Bundoran on May 9th

Chess: All Ireland Primary School Girls Chess Team event takes place in Dublin on Saturday May 19th. If you would like your child to participate please let us know by phone or e mail . Please note that chess club continues every Thursday night at 7pm.

3rd and 4th classes had a school trip this week on Tuesday with their partner school Enniskillen Integrated P.S. when they visited Donegal Adventure Centre .

1st and 2nd travelled to Enniskillen for their Gardening Workshops with Enniskillen Integrated.

Gardening : We are at present putting in an Edible Garden area in the school and would welcome any assistance or imput from interested parents . We will have raised beds for all the classes to plant and maintain and we plan for a poly tunnel for next September. All classes Sen. Inf to 5th will have a gardening workshop in the month of May .

April 11th School Note

Confirmation is on May 5th ( Bank Holiday weekend ) We ask children from 3rd to 5th to volunteer for the Parish Confirmation choir , practices start today . Parents please let us know if your child is available .

A number of children from 5th class are being filmed tomorrow on a Nature Walk at Mullies mass rock for a Nationwide screening later in the month .

Infant classes are learning proper names for body parts as part of our Stay Safe and SPHE programmes. Parents please use the language of private body parts and need for respect regarding same in age appropriate way at home .

Congratulations to Susan Aji 6th Class .All Ireland u12 Chess Champion 2018 following the Championships in Shannon last weekend. Susan is part of the Manorhamilton Community games Team representing Leitrim in the Connacht Finals shortly and we wish them all the best as they try for all Ireland success in the Community Games . The team Aodhan Drummond ,Cillian White , Cian O Hagan Gemma Mullholland ,Allie White and Susan .

We play Kinlough in the first round of the Large school Donegal /North Leitrim League on this Friday . We have 2 teams A and B league sections with a panel of 36 boys and 26 girls. All those on the panel play each game and in all circumstances we would rather lose a game than lose a player with our emphasis on enjoyment and participation at all times . Our thanks to Ms. Kelly and Mrs Conlon Mr Ward and Mr Dolan Team mentors and managers.

We intend to run our in school 7 a side side league with these players on Fridays also …starting in May.

Our Basketball is now also up and running on our 2 new courts with coaching on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. We play our first match away to Rathcormac on Friday 20th.

From Next Week we have the following afterschools programme on site. As usual parents deal directly with the provider do not contact the school directly .

Mondays – Football and Fitness-James Glancy.

Tuesdays – Hurling ( 3rd to 6th ) with Mark Boyle  and Basketball (1st-3rd)with Liam Feehily and Tai Chi with Roisin

Wednesdays – Soccer and Skills  ( James Mc Dowell )

                 Tin Whistle with Lorraine

Thursdays   – Dancing ( Kathleen o Hagan) Basketball with Liam  ( 3rd to 6th )

Fridays – Gaelic Football Skills and Mini League ( 3rd to 6th )

Piano Lessons continue with Sylvia in the school also weekly.

There were a very small number of Sponsorship cards not returned on the day of the walk . Please send them back tomorrow . Blank cards should just be returned for accountability purposes.

Just over €4000 was raised in the walk organised by the Parents Association . Our thanks to the PA and all who so generously supported the sponsored walk .

Homework – We hope to have a questionnaire to parents next week regarding Homework as we are reviewing our policy this year . Please look at the policy as it exists and we will welcome any proposed changes . We get a variety of responses to Homework ranging from WAY TOO MUCH to WAY TOO LITTLE . Please note for the present that once you sign the journal that homework is accepted as completed satisfactorily and we ask parents to follow the recommended MAXIMUM times as laid out in the policy 15mins ( Infants) , 1st 2nd 25 minutes , 3rd / 4th 40 minutes , 5th /6th  – 1 hour

March Note 1

Chess Events : The Brian Collum event in Newtownforbes on this Friday March 9th . ( leaving at 8:30 / return 5pm approx. ) with a stop at Supermacs Carrick on Shannon on route home .Team selection in the morning and only those with written/e mail permission will be put on a team.Prizes on the day include a trip to Tayto Park and €500 class prize . We are the current holders of the Brian Collum Cup which we hold for the past 2 years. Good Luck to all participants. Training session as well as Community Games Team selection this Thursday night from 7pm in the school.

Our 1st and 2nd classes met their cross border friends from Enniskillen Integrated primary yesterday in Florenscourt for a biodiversity workshop 3rd and 4th will be visit their partner classes from Enniskillen Integrated next Tuesday 13th March. 

Child Safeguarding ; Following Monday’s Child Protection training for staff the revised school safeguarding document including risk assessment is now on the schools notice board for parents and has been sent to the P.A. and B.O.M. members for consideration .It will be posted on the blog.

Among the recommendations are that pupils must have mobile phones or internet devices powered off at all times during school events including outings and trips away from school . This will be in effect from THIS Friday.

P.A. sponsored walk cards will be issued shortly and proceeds going towards the new facilities being put in place at the moment. Parents /guardians will need to ensure that cards are returned to the school as ALL CARDS MUST BE ACCOUNTED FOR without exception .

Weather Warnings and School closure questions answered

As temperatures drop this week  we may have  snow falls  and  frosty/slippery roads in the morning or snow covered roads we advise parents;

  1. Safety should be the only /  main concern NOT getting children to school for 9:15 or at all if they consider it unsafe for them to travel to school .
  2. The school will nearly always remain open even in frosty or snowy conditions BUT parents should make their decision to get children to school based on their safety.
  3. We will close if 50% of staff are unable to attend or if the representative committee approved by the board decide on closure . This committee has one parent , one staff rep. and a BOM rep .
  4. There is no problem about being late on mornings where these conditions apply and children may come to school up to 11am .
  5. We cannot guarantee that school grounds, car park, footpaths, etc.,… will be cleared completely so again parents should walk or drive with due care on school grounds. 
  6. Please ensure suitable footwear (boots/wellingtons) with best grips etc., are worn on these days .
  7. If there is snow the children will be allowed play in the snow if they have a gloves, spare boots, etc.

School News feb 25th 2018

The school will be closed on NEXT Monday March 5th for Mandatory School whole staff Child Protection Training. The children will have no school on this day.


World Book day €1.50 book token goes home with all children today

Congratulations to our winners in Feis Art Competition- Ellah Goodall and Molly Gilligan in 1st , James Hughes in 4th Musfira Tariq 5th and Susan Aji in 6th . Award giving tonight in the Sligo Park Hotel at 6:30pm.


Thursday Chess Club continues with Community Games Team selection on Thursday March 8th , Clayton Hotel Blitz Competition Sunday March 18th . Community Games County Finals March 23rd.

Friday March 9th– Brian Collum Chess Team event in Newtownforbes. Any pupil from 3rd to 6th may attend. Bus leaves the school at 8:30am and returns at approximately 5pm.We will have a stop for food at Supermacs Carrick on Shannon on the way home . The day will cost €5  per pupil ( Not including food). Those interested should return the slip below with €5 before this Friday. Permission can be by return e mail either for those online.


I would like my child ________________in ____class to attend the Chess Team Event in Newtownforbes on Friday March 9th – €5 enclosed

Signed _____________________________.

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