St Clares Primary School

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Junior Infants Aistear

Junior Infants have been busy settling into school life. Our Aistear theme for the month of September was the ‘school’ and the children really enjoyed the different activities. They traced letters in the sand, made jigsaws, cut and paste pictures from magazines, had a tour round the school to visit the other classes, they built a den for our fox using different materials and completed sorting and matching activities in our numeracy station.20160902_131150 20160902_131200 20160902_131224 20160902_131233 20160902_131236 20160902_131247 20160902_131250 20160902_131613 20160902_131623 20160902_131629 20160905_131942 20160905_131957 20160905_132753 20160905_132757 20160905_13280020160919_131157 20160913_132514 20160913_13251820160919_131204