St Clares Primary School

Education is for Life

The Farm

The farm is now open! Junior infants are learning about the farm this month in Aistear.

Role play area- Dressing as farmers, harvesting the crops, milking the cows, collecting the hens eggs and selling the produce in their farm shop. They also have to look after any sick animals.

Small World- This is a smaller version of our role play area where children look after the animals, bring them to the mart to sell and build fences etc on the land.

Construction: Children here design and then build items and buildings that are needed around the farm.

Fine motor: Here children get to practise their fine motor skills to make things for the farm such as using play dough to make different animals around the farm, doing farm related jigsaws and drawing animals that are found on the farm.

Junk Art: Here the children get to channel their creativeness into making something for our farm such as animals, tractors and equipment.