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February 15th News

The key to success at school , in education and life generally is the positive involvement of parents / guardians with the children in the learning process . The activities listed below give parents the chance to get involved in small ways for their child’s benefit .

History Month comes to a close this week with a wide range of objects sent to school giving the pupils a chance to look at history in a different interesting way .Thanks to our parents for sending in the valuables. Worth discussing at home . All should be returned promptly so please ensure you get them back safely. 

Drop off and Stay at Chess Club for all ages 5 to 19 continues on Thursday nights with Colm in the school. Note all children Senior Infants to 6th can now play chess to a level .We ask the parents /guardians  this Thursday night to stay and meet the other parents after they drop off their child , have a cup of tea / coffee and learn see the benefits of chess as an activity for their child and as a  family activity . New players always welcome to the club where professional coaching is provided .Community Games Chess and Junior Chess Championships Team selection also underway soon.

Ruth Smith is starting a new term of Irish conversation classes (mornings and evenings). She has been running conversation classes for a number of years in Manorhamilton. Parents / guardians should call 085-8016550 or a PA member for details.

Feis Shligigh poetry has been learned by the pupils in all classes Jun Inf to 6th. This is aimed at parents / guardians who would like to give their child an opportunity to experience the Feis. This simple competition for those who do not attend S& D classes .

 The 1st school Football match takes place Monday next against Bundoran  in the Bee Park . Teams will be picked on Friday. Teams will involve players who train and are involved in the Friday League .The school football is participation focussed NOT competition focussed . We would ask parents to understand that enjoyment and participation in any sport is a lot more important than medals or trophies . Over competitiveness puts children off sport and leads to the exclusion of many from sports involvement.


Leitrim Indoor Athletics Event takes place for 3rd and 6th classes next Wednesday in the Comprehensive school. All children in the classes participate in the event sports wear essential . Athletic Training continues for all ages at the comprehensive .


The Parents Association Annual 5km sponsored walk takes place on Sunday April 2nd . Sponsorship Cards will be distributed shortly This is the main swimming fundraiser and will determine the amount of swimming lessons allocated to the classes so please support the event .

Swimming was cancelled this week for 3rd and 4th classes due to the Swimming Instructor manager being unwell They will get their additional lesson later in the term .Parents are advised to get the children into a pool for practice on what they have learned

5th and 6th start in March . Their lessons will be mainly lane swimming and we ask parents to try to ensure they have at least 1 or 2 swim sessions as a practice before the lessons start  . Public hours are available in Sligo Sports Complex and Ballyshannon Pool .

1st  class start their swimming sessions start next week on Tuesday. Parents who can accompany the classes for supervision please contact the office today . 2nd class start on Feb 29th after midterm

Advanced lane swimming fitness sessions are also available – for anyone who might be interested contact the office-phone or e mail

Do This in Memory of Me – Enrolment Mass for 2nd class receiving the sacraments on Sunday next  . Be My Witness Confirmation Workshops start next Tuesday night Feb. 21st  for those in 6th class requesting Confirmation .Further Information from Fr. Oliver .


Food Dudes Programme starts on Monday February 28th . For 2 weeks the pupils will be given a selection of fruit and vegetable samples to taste each day . This is the chance to expand the taste buds and get children hooked on healthy eating for life . We will ask parents to support the programme at home and use this opportunity to develop a healthy lifestyle choice.

Operation Transformation 10@10

As you are aware the school and a number of parents participated in this event last Friday.  Their exploits are up on Youtube.  Search ‘st Clare’s 10@10’, and you’ll get a long list of clips taken by our 5th class students.

February 8th Note 2017

Enrolment for September 2017 open only until March 1st Very few remaining spaces in any of our classes. Advise any relation, neighbour or anyone moving into the area that you are aware of please.

History Month comes to a close next week and we ask the children to bring in interesting items from sheds /attics or old photographs from the region that are of historical interest for a class museum display next week . We hope to exhibit a selection in the Sculpture Centre in 2 weeks time for parents to visit .

Thanks to Aodh Flynn , Margaret Connolly and Bernie Mc Gurrin who came in to talk to the children about times past If anyone parent or Grandparent would like to come in in the next few days we would be delighted … just 30 minutes at a time that suits you to answer the children’s questions about when you were young , your school days , games , etc…would be really appreciated . Call 9855703 .


Safety and Hygiene . We ask parents /guardians to revisit the whole area of toilet etiquette with their child. We allow children free access to toilets and issues have arisen in relation to the cleanliness of some toilets after use . Regular checks are now carried out and it would be better to avoid the embarrassment of YOUR child being unable to leave the toilet in suitable condition for the next user.


Tennis Coaching available on Sundays at the Tennis Courts . Professional coaching and a great opportunity for children of all ages  Call Mary for information and details at 0872290136 .

Chess Club continues every Thursday night with matches and coaching Colm is delighted to welcome the beginners from Infants and 1st / 2nd class who now can also play chess. Irish Junior chess Championships in Sligo April 7th to 9th is a once off opportunity for your child to participate in this level of event with categories including beginner , u8 to u19 .Group entry rates are much lower than individual entry Contact the school office or Colm for details  .

The annual PA school walk will take place provisionally on Sunday April 2nd . We hope this will raise enough funds for the swimming programme. Thanks to everyone who sent in the €5 to allow it be started.Swimming…finishes for 3rd and 4th next Tuesday. Hopefully following the walk we will have finances a refresher later in the year . 1st and 2nd class start the following week.

5th and 6th classes also start on Wednesdays in March and parents should try  to arrange  a practice session or 2 before their lessons start as they will be lane swimming this year . Public hours in Sligo Sports Complex every night 8 to 10 or Saturdays 3 to 4pm .


Please send in any books , annuals , magazines , full jigsaws etc… that your child has outgrown into the school . We will put them to good use . Also we have a used clothes collection coming up and bags can be left in the school hall at any stage if you have a bag ready .


After school dancing finishes at midterm in February as Kathleen goes on Maternity leave. The gardening club and Tai Chi will operate in the same time slots . 6th class have already done Tai Chi and this is an opportunity for them to continue with the art which is very helpful for concentration and discipline as well as fitness. Parents should consider both these activities and their value for their own child as  mindfulness activities .


A number of parents have expressed interest in a morning club as they need to drop children off early as they need to be at work for 8:30 or 9am . The Board takes NO responsibility for children before 9 but would be happy to consider the school facilities being made available as in the after school clubs .

Please Note the Board does not request any payment for the use of the school facilities / classrooms / astro etc..for the afterschool clubs and services as it is a service being offered to our parents at a reasonable rate .

Infant Parent Teacher meeting will take place over the next 2 weeks. Please keep your appointment time ar call the school to rearrange.


We try to encourage the 3rd to 6thclasses to run each day at school and keep reasonably fit and healthy. There are approximately 20 children now who tell us they cannot run …most genuinely. Please send in a note or e mail to Mr Conlon or call 9855703 if your child cannot run for some reason and we have not already been informed of it.

School Note 2 February

New PA Officers

After a successful first meeting, and thank you to everyone who attended, and we look forward to your ongoing support, the officers for the forthcoming term were elected.

Chairperson: Declan Drohan (086-8526987)

Vice Chairperson: Greg Rutkovski (086-8355757)

Secretary: Christiane Boyle (087-2938915)

Vice Secretary: Denise O’Reilly (089-4109780)

Treasurer: Georgina Meehan (085-7110950)

Vice Treasurer: Jackie Fox (086-3306342)

Credit Union Quiz. Congratulations to our 5th and 6th class teams who came second and third in their respective categories.  A close fought competition with all of our neighbouring schools, last Saturday.  Eoin Rooney, Jack Connolly, Mark McHugh and Enya McDonald, and Oisin Fox, Elizabeth Kron, Evan Farry and Sadhbh Drummond, and Susan Aji, Rebecca McGauran, Conor Feehily, Ryan Gilligan and Mary O’Brien, Conor Galvin, Shaun Sheridan and Ross Johnston.  Well done all who participated.

Glencar Manorhamilton GAA Kube Competition on Saturday in St Clare’s Comprehensive. Come along and support our Mr Conlon for our school, and so many others you’ll know, Mr Dolan, James Glancy, Stuart Gilbride Jones, Enda Hughes, Barry Loughlin, Mary McLoughlin, Clive Beattie, and siblings past and present.  The programme begins promptly at 7.30 pm.  Doors open at 7.00 pm  Entry is €10.  A valuable fund raiser for the club towards the development of their new pitch.

Tennis. All of our children enjoyed a taster session here in the school last week (see this week’s Observer). Children’s lessons start this Sunday in the Tennis Club if anyone is interested in learning more.

Sligo Feis Ceoil. The school will be preparing art and poetry for all the children. They will learn the poems they need in school, however it is up to the parents to enter their own child if they are interested in performing. Contact 0879602866 for details.

The Junior Chess Championships take place in the Clayton Sligo this year for the first time on the 7-9 April. A great chance to have your child try chess at a national level. Our chess standards are good enough to be competitive. It would be great to see some U8 and U10 entries from the school. Contact Colm 0870917395

School Note 25 January

Parents Association nominees for all classes are invited to a short meeting this Thursday night at 9pm in the school. The nominees will meet the principal and parent nominee on the Board of Management.

Priorities for the coming year will be discussed and planning for events will be discussed. A number of parents have asked to have their names removed from the committee list but are happy to be on call to assist in one off activities organised by the P.A. throughout the year. This will mean that the new committee have lots of assistance available when required.

Items for discussion may include Breakfast Club, school meals, swimming, community involvement, homework, inclusion etc…

Swimming started this week and with the support of the new P.A. and the availability of funds we hope to bring all children from 1st to 6th class.

The Afterschool clubs and activities provided here in the school are going from strength to strength. Support from the local GAA Club has enabled the running of a Friday League which started last Friday and will run until Easter. The league incorporates both Gaelic football and table tennis and therefore will not be weather dependent. It costs €40 for 12 weeks which can be paid in €5’s at any time to James Glancy. The Club has provided free coaching for all classes in the school this year.

The school will be delighted to support the Clubs new pitch fundraising effort The Cube. Any child participating in the Friday league are invited to nominate someone they would like to represent the school in the Cube.

We are delighted to have a Tennis Coach in the school for all classes tomorrow sponsored by the Manorhamilton Tennis Club.

We continue to work closely with the CCCchildrens Chess Club which runs in the school on Thursday nights 7:30 to 8:30 with professional chess coaching available from Colm O Mhuireagan. All children in the school from Senior Infants to 6th class can now play chess. They are welcome in the club which costs €2 per night the proceeds of which goes to our 6th class business and savings committee who manage the club. The Junior Chess Championships take place in the Clayton Sligo this year for the first time. A great chance to have your child try chess at a national level. Our chess standards are good enough to be competitive.

There are competitions for all ages from u8 up to u 19.  

Contact Colm 0870917395

Library Visits. The Classes visit the library on an ongoing basis throughout January/February. Please ensure your child has their Library Card with them in order to borrow books.

Sligo Feis Ceoil. The school will be preparing art and poetry for all the children. They will learn the poems they need in school, however it is up to the parents to enter their own child if they are interested in performing. Contact 0879602866 for details.

Dates : 17-19 April

School Closure A reminder the school is closed all day for Department of Education staff Training on Wednesday 1 February. No children in the school. A text went out to all families this afternoon.

Do This in Memory of Me preparation Mass takes place on Sunday 12 February in St Clare’s Church at 11.30 pm. The Confirmation programme for 6th class will begin before the end of February.

PA Nominees

Greg Rutkowski Eileen Gillen Karen Scott
Geogina Meehan Michelle Kelly Karl Dalton
Jackie Fox Tom Kelly Pat Kelly
Patricia Wilson Olga McNulty Olivia Mitchell
Justyna Baronska Chris Boyle Carmel Sheridan
Denise O’Reilly Majella Garraghan Maureen Kron
Mary Reynolds Sharon Thornton Jim Forde
Grainne Feehily Ciaran Sheridan Annette Johnston
Patricia McPadden Declan Drohan Claire McGauran
Danny Feehily Sharon O’Hagan Elizabeth Curtis
Anne Marie Farrell Kieran Treanor Mick O’Dwyer
Teresa Brown Martina Viglas Felim Gurn
Matthew Brown Maria Drummond Enda Hughes
Christina Loughlin Nicole Moreira  
Leon O’Brien    


January 10th , 2017 Note for Parents


Enrolment for September 2017 now open . Send Forms in ASAP

Parents Association

The parents Association will form a new committee for the coming year in the next weeks. Please forward nominations from your child’s class as a Parents Association representative. It is essential that all classes have someone to feedback ideas and present new issues so that the school remains effective and relevant. The parent Association members help out by

  1. Providing feedback to the school management and liaising with the principal on an ongoing basis on issues of concern.
  2. Helping to set the priorities for the school for the current year/s  g. sport /art / music etc..
  3. Helping organising school events for the pupils (e.g. Hallaween Discos , School sports day , school swimming , school walks/3km or 5km runs etc..)
  4. Helping to improve school facilities ( e.g. car parking / play areas / afterschool clubs / shelters etc…)
  5. Fundraising Efforts for non government funded initiatives like ICT , swimming etc…  


Please realise that without the great work by parent Association representatives in the past the facilities like the all weather playground , car park , shelters , swimming programme and IT facilities might not exist in your child’s school . Please nominate any 2 guardians



I would like to nominate _____________________and _________________ as Association members  for ____class .


Signed ____________________________.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> P.T.O.


Swimming Programme

We would like to start the school swimming programme again  for 1st to 6th classes if we have sufficient  parents support . The programme has been very successful and no child leaves our school without being able to swim at least a basic level.

As we receive no government funding for swimming we have always paid for the lessons from the excess school book monies paid by parents – topped up by parent association fundraising .

This year the excess book money was spent on updating ICT equipment for the classrooms ( Computers and tablets ) as no government monies have been provided for ICT for almost 10 years now .

We ask for your support in the following  ways .

  1. Please offer to volunteer as a supervisor on the swimming runs with the class teacher , one father and 1 mother required with each class .( Swimming would be Tuesdays 10:30 to 11:30 or 11:30 to 12:30 . Bus leaving at 10 , back at 12 or leave at 11 back at 1pm approx. )
  2. Support fundraising efforts to help pay for the programme. The funds we have decides the lessons we can provide for each class. Each lesson for a class costs approximately €400 (i.e. the cost of the bus plus the lessons ) We will work with the new parents Association Committee to help get the funds in place if parents wish it .


Louise Clara from the  Road Safety Promotions Office  visits the school today Wednesday and tomorrow Thursday to discuss Road Safety with the children. 

Session for adults– For Infant Parents/ Collectors there will be a brief presentation on Thursday at 1:20 pm before children are collected.

For 1st – 6th class parents/collectors it will be on Thursday at 2:20 pm


This month we focus on History . We invite any parent / guardian with an interest in history or traditional  skills /crafts / stories etc… to come to the school later in the month to talk to the pupils and pass on some stories / skills to them . We would especially like to hear from any one who might show  the children knitting / crochet / needlework /basket making /  traditional games like 25 / backgammon / bridge  etc…

Many skills and stories  will disappear and it is important that our children get a chance to experience them . Contact the school at 0719855703 or call into the office


Friday Football League starts Friday 20th from  1:45 to 3pm with help from James Glancy . This league will be combined with a team table tennis league run by Mr. Conlon and will run for 13 weeks up to Easter , regardless of weather .

It starts this Friday with team selection ( Teams of 7 players) .

The combined league ( children can do one or both as they wish ) will Cost €45         which can be paid as €5 instalments in the course of the period to Easter  to James or the school office .

Monies from the league will go towards the Glencar Manor CUBE fundraiser in February and also help fund school football and the Donegal North Leitrim league later in the year. James also provides football coaching to all classes on Thursdays.

Note – 13 December

Well done to the Chess teams who did so well in Dublin at the Mike Germaine Chess Team Event .  This is another strong performance following the top placings in the Chess for All event in Ballinasloe last week . Well done also to the 5th and 2nd classes who played Sligo School Project and St. Aidens Ballintrillick on Friday last in the Checkmates Competition . 

The Children’s Cookery Book organised by the  Parent association is still available . We ask every household to support this fundraiser . Books can be purchased online or by sending €15 to the office in an envelope marked Cook Book . The book will be sent home with the child

 This Friday we have a dress up for Christmas / Christmas Jumper day in aid of the Children’s hospital in Crumlin. We ask families to make a contribution to the charity on this day.


Carol singing for classes 1st to 6th continues this week and next The different classes will sing in the HSE Offices this Wednesday , the farmers market on Friday , Our Lady’s Hospital Monday and in Arus Brefni on Tuesday  .


The Infant classes will put on a little Christmas show for parents /Guardians next Tuesday at 1pm .

All parents are welcome to come visit the school before Christmas to see the room decorations  and the art work done by the classes this year .

A School Children’s Carol Service will take place in the Church on Wednesday December 21st at 7pm to 7:40. This will involve all children 1st to 6th class whose parents would like them involved .


The school will close for Christmas on Thursday December 22nd at 1pm . Children can be collected by parents /guardians any time following the visit of Santa that day. Please send  5 Euro per child or a maximum of 10 Euro per family in a sealed envelope marked Parent Association.  Eight parents/guardians are also requested to assist on the day . Contact PA chairman Bernie at 087-7774111 or PA treasurer Joe at 086-6017826.


School Note 1 December

The Parent Association Family Cook Book is available. As this is the only fundraiser planned for this Christmas they ask that each household purchase 1 or more of the books. It is a nice Christmas present stocking filler and gives a nice selection of different tastes among our community.

The book can be paid for online and will be sent home with your child. Otherwise they can be purchased from the office €15 each, or is available in local shops around town.

 Christmas Arrangements.

Carol Singing: The pupils are invited to go carol singing at the following venues

7 December – Supervalu (Evening), 14 December – HSE Building

Dates to be decided – Arus Brefni, Our Lady’s Hospital. All classes 2nd to 6th will be given an opportunity to have the experience.

8 December School Mass for this Catholic Holy day of obligation. All Catholic children (only) will attend 11:30am mass on this day. The school will also be decorated for Christmas on this day.

16 December – Christmas Jumper/Dress up day. All staff, parents and pupils are asked to put on the Christmas jumper or other Christmas wear on the day in support of our Lady’s Childrens Hospital in Crumlin. A contribution of €2 is recommended from everyone on this.

Infant Classes will have a small Christmas Show for parents in the school hall on Tuesday 20 December.

21 December – Red Bus Theatre will present a Christmas Show for all classes. Called ‘The Night Show ‘, the show explains the meaning of Christmas from a Christian perspective.

21 December A School Christmas Carol Service will take place in the Church at 7-7:45pm involving all children 1st to 6th classes.

22 December (Thursday) – Santa will visit the school between 10am and 12.30pm (we hope) and following the visit parents are welcome to collect their child. School closes at 1pm.

Chess Club. Any parent who wishes to have their child attend the Mike Germaine Chess Team Event in Dublin on Sunday December 11th should let Colm know at Chess Club tonight. A bus will run if there are enough interested. If parents wished to avail of the bus to Dublin for the day shopping then let us know.

Reminder. Please park properly in the school car park and try to ensure your child always wears a hi-viz vest at this time of the year. We have a visitor from the RSA coming to the school on 11 January to talk to the children, and their parents about Road Safety.

Internet Safety – Cyber-bullying Parent Information

Please download, and print, if necessary, and refer regularly, to this important information booklet on Internet Safety

School Note 23 November

Cyber Bullying. Thank you to the huge crowd who attended the workshop this week. Notes from the workshop will be published on the blog shortly. Print them out or save them, and refer regularly to the advice they give.

Those who could not attend should contact Mr Conlon for advice this week. Note. No complaints regarding cyberbullying will be dealt with by the school.

Follow up exercises for 3rd to 6th classes were send home to be signed by parents. Please take note and continue to keep track of your child online.

P.A. Cook Book is now available to purchase. Price €15. A perfect Christmas present for family and friends. Almost every child in the school contributed and there are some great new things to try out. We have made it available over our e-payments facility. Books purchased will be sent home with your child within a day or two.

It will also be on sale in local shops throughout the town. Please support this P.A. fundraiser which is the only one for the school this Christmas. It would be great if at least 1 book per household was purchased.

Parents Association AGM will take place on Tuesday 29 November at 9.00 pm. The PA does invaluable work for the school throughout the year and they really appreciate the support of all the parents. One parent from each family is encouraged to attend the AGM. Parents from the junior infant group are especially invited to nominate members to the Parent Association.

Feast of the Immaculate Conception. Thursday 8 December. Holy Day of Obligation. The Catholic children will be attending mass at 11.30 pm in St Clare’s Church. Parents, Grandparents and Guardians are invited to join us. Provision will be made for our non-Catholic children to remain at school.

RSE programme for 6th Class starts this week.

Christmas Jumper Day. This year the school is participating in a fundraiser for Crumlin Children’s Hospital Christmas. Christmas Jumper Day, to raise awareness and funds for the work they do. Everyone, pupils, parents and teachers, are invited to wear their Christmas Jumper for the day and donate €2 to CMRF.

Red Bus Theatre. Our annual visit of the Red Bus Theatre Company will take place on Wednesday 21 December. Always a great show to bring home the message of Christmas in a very amusing and child friendly way. Funded from the school book scheme. Thanks to all for payment

Christmas Carol Service. The school will be participating in the Christmas Carol Service in St Clare’s Church on Wednesday 21 December. We hope Parents, Grandparents and Guardians can join us. The Carol Singers will also be singing at other venues around the town over Christmas. Keep an eye out for them and join in. HSE Head Office Building on 14 December.

Chess Club continues every Thursday night with Colm. €2 per night and coaching is provided by Colm O Mhuireagan. The club did very well in the competition last Sunday in Ballinasloe, with some cash prize winners. Congratulations to Mark McHugh who came third, Maggie Fergus who won the girls competition, and Owen Callinan, a past pupil who won the overall event. Next event is taking place on December 11 in Dublin. Details being finalised, but a bus will be organised if enough interest.

If any parents would like to avail of a day’s Christmas Shopping in Dublin they could avail of a Manorhamilton Dublin bus on the day. Give your name in to Colm or Mr Conlon .

Cold/Frosty Weather. Whilst this weather continues please read our guidance notes on the school blog and stay safe.

Christmas Holidays. The school closes for Christmas on the Thursday 22nd, before Christmas and we reopen on January 9th.

Apologies to anyone who received a text message they were not expecting about owing money.  This is a link to the PA Cook Book to purchase online.

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