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Our School in the news

We like to try and get some publicity for all of our activities in the local papers, Leitrim Observer and Sligo Champion.  Do try to buy them occasionally to catch up with the news.


St. Clare’s Mindfulness Programme

All of the children in St Clare’s Primary School from Junior Infants to 6th,  are having the opportunity to practice ‘Mindfulness’ in a variety of age appropriate ways.  Many parents today are as concerned about happiness, wellbeing, and resilience for their children as they are about success and academics. Practicing ‘Mindfulness’ helps children to develop the skills and capacities they will need for a fruitful, balanced life.  In Senior Infants they have developed a particularly interesting way of taking a few minutes relaxation time.  Shaking up a ‘home-made’ jar/bottle of glitter, and sitting quietly watching the glitter until it all settles.  The quietness can be wonderful.







St. Clare’s 10@10

All of the children in St Clare’s Primary School from Junior Infants to 6th,  all of the teachers, all of the SNA’s and some parents who were able to join us enthusiastically joined in Operation Transformations 10@10 initiative on Friday lead by Michael Dolan.  Great fun had by all, and looking forward to another go next week.  Videos clips taken by 5th class students will be available via the schools youtube content.

St. Clare’s takes to Tennis

All of the children in St Clare’s Primary School from Junior Infants to 6th got a brief taster of what Tennis might be about, compliments of the Manorhamilton Tennis Club.  Scott set up his court in the school hall in the morning so that all of the junior classes could have a go, and after break set up in the astroturf pitch.  A very blustery wind made play a little hard at times, but everyone had a great if brief experience of the game and might be encouraged to join the club.





St. Clare’s make hay while the sun shines!!

Quick to get out in to the snow when it fell last week, St Clare’s Primary School were just as quick to get out in the lovely warm sun for their afternoon Aistear session. In the long shadows of the slowly setting sun they busied themselves making a wide variety of imaginative things including a tall but precariously balance skyscraper building.

Back to work – at the Library!!

St Clare’s Primary School’s Senior Infant Class wasted no time at all in getting back to work, with a visit to the local library. Such a great choice of books to rummage through there was a very long queue at the checkout!!





Snow Time like the present

At this time of the year, when the snow starts to fall you can always expect St Clare’s Primary School’s children making the most of it. The children waste no time at break-time getting out on to the school’s astro turf pitch to play in the snow.  Snowmen abounded of every shape and size, and snowballs flew through the air at unsuspecting targets, particularly yours truly behind the lens.

Safety would always be our main concern in conditions like this, said John Conlon, the school principal. We would always aim to be open, and it is then up to parents to carefully consider whether or not it is safe for them to try and travel in, and as importantly, to be able to get back home.  Time is not of the essence – if people have to drive slowly in these conditions, or wait until there is a little heat in the day, and a bit of a thaw.

If children do come to school it is essential they are dressed appropriately for the conditions, as where possible, we will let them out to enjoy the snow at break-time. Wellies and warm clothing.


Maths with a difference
St Clare’s Primary School’s Fifth Class are trying out a new way of learning Maths. Rich, shared, open-ended and investigative, but most of all fun.  Izak 9 is a new way of learning maths through play making it something they enjoy, rather than ‘do’.  Building cubes reveal their shapes and patterns little by little.  Early days but looking forward to the journey.

Science Week – Earthworms

The worms in St Clare’s Primary School’s garden got no rest last Wedesday. As part of Science Week Sixth and Second Classes got a close up and personal look at them, and other creepy crawlies that make up the schools eco-system.  Paula Flannelly, who works with a number of classes in maintaining and utilising the garden gave a workshop on eco-systems and the importance of balance.  Take something vital out and the whole thing can collapse.