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6th Class Sea Shore Study and Glencar trek June 8th 2017

Recount of our school trip to Mullaghmore

By Enya McDonald

        6th class group photo at rainy Sruth in Aghaidh an Aird.

On Thursday the 9th of June 2017, 6th class went on a trip to surrounding areas and local tourist attractions on our doorstep. We started our journey at 9:30am and left the school all excited to get a break from our school work. Our trip was a history related one as well as getting out and enjoying the day. We hopped on the bus and then we travelled 20 mins to a walk and path up to a waterfall in Glencar. The walk was called Sruth in aighaidh an Aird – The Devils Chimney. We started the walk on a flat surface and admired looking at the donkeys in the field next to the path we were walking on. I enjoyed walking. But the rain was very heavily falling on us and we got drenched, although it was fun. We were panting as we climbed all the steps on the way to the summit of the mountain. We stopped in certain viewing points to admire the beautiful views of the lake that we could see.

We continued on in our walk and were very thirsty as we reached the end of our walk. It was raining so there was no delay to run to the end of the walk and back on the bus!! As we ran and walked briskly on the way back, we ran down hills and dangerously nearly slipped. We sighed with relief when reached the sheltered bus and quickly took of our soaked coats. It was a very enjoyable walk, and I would recommend it to all ages! We were all ecstatic and happy to be going to the beach. The bus was very hot on the way down to Mullaghmore and we had to open the windows. As I talked to Aoife, we got ready to get out of the bus and go down to the beach, as we entered Mullaghmore. We brought with us clipboards and sheets to find shells and answer questions about the beach and its surrounding village but we left them on the bus, so they would not get wet.

We walked down to the beach and walked through the crunchy sand. We examined shells and tried to find the uniquest shell to show our colleagues and friends. As we walked through the slippery seaweed my feet got a little wet. We found very funky seashells and even crabs. Sophie found a crabs leg. We found some shells we had to return that had creatures and fish living in them. I collected 4 shells with some colourful designs, such as mussels aswell. We then listened to Mr.Dolan who talked to us about surrounding areas and villages that you coud see from the beach and other questions that were on our sheets about this beach.

As we left the beach, we got out our spending money and walked towards the nearby shop, we were quite hungry at this stage. We took turns to go into the shop, in threes and twos and we all got our turns to purchase some sweets, fizzy drinks or ice-cream. I got 7up and crisps, but kept my crisps until later. As we returned to the bus, we munched happily on our food. The bus started up and we returned, although it wasn’t my very day, as I got sick and didn’t feel well on the bus ride home. We chatted to our friends and ate our sweets. We soon seen Manorhamilton in sight. We knew school work was yet again coming our way. We had a good day. I then left home early.

The trip was a lot of fun and a chance to bond more with our friends, out of school. We learned more and this was an educational trip. I would recommend this trip for any school and was a brilliant day out. Mullaghmore and Glencar had given us a nice day despite the rain!



Group photo at Mullaghmore beach.