St Clares Primary School

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6th class take Part in the Stolen child Culture night preparation


By Roisin Yilmaz

On Friday 6th class went to the Glens Centre. We did art and drama with help from Tori. For art we made papier mache fairy masks and making sounds and actions for drama. Our masks were not pink and glittery, after all it was based after WB Yeats poem The Stolen Child so they were dark colours. The drama was based on the poem so we had to lure the child to us and keep her captive.

Later on in the afternoon at around 7pm some people went to the Glencar tea shed. Next to the water fall we waited for the sun to set. There was beautiful lights surrounding the water fall making a gradient of pastel pinks, purples and blues.

Then we started. Many people had come making an unexpected turn out of around 60 people. The actors dressed as fairies wearing dark gothic outfits. There were two sides – the fairies and the children. Children tried to stop the fairies taking the child (the chosen one) in the end the child ate a berry and was taken away. Of course the berry was special. If one would eat food from a fairy they would belong to them.

After the dramatic ending everyone was tired so they went back to the tea shed. They gave out hot chocolate and cakes. That was our drama day.