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History Projects WW1 May 2018

6th Class were learning about the First World War this month.


World War One started in July 1914, after Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife were shot dead by Serb nationalists. Austro-Hungary declared war on Serbia, allies came into play and the USA got involved through Britain`s massive empire, and this quickly escalated from a little squabble between 2 countries to WORLD WAR 1!!!!

The youngest soldiers were only 12, but that didn’t stop the mums, big sisters, aunts and grannies from doing their bit, even if they couldn’t fight. Women worked in jobs that men normally did, but couldn’t because they were fighting, like munitions factories, (which turned their skin YELLOW from toxic jaundice) and helped pioneer gender equity in the workplace.

The most infamous battle in the war, and in all of history, was the big, bad Battle of the Somme. It was carnage. 1,000,000 (1 million) people were killed in that battle alone, and 18 million died in the whole war so it was a fair fraction of the total death toll.

Pictured here are some of 6th Class`s projects.

Mary Farry & Edward Mitchell`s projects.

Isabella Curtis-Smith and Rebecca McGauran`s projects.

6th Class`s projects up on the board!













Entry composed by Isabella Curtis Smith.