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History Week – We are Anti war in 6th class! January 2018

During History month 6th class studied different governments and looked back at the futility of war. We got to visit scaled model displays of various wars in the Leitrim sculpture centre which we then researched.

Eimear, Mary, Hannah, Isabella, Mary, Shauna and Ross standing beside a miniature model of the Battle of Trafalgar (scale 1:2400)

The Battle of Trafalgar by Isabella.

  • The battle of Trafalgar was fought during the Third Coalition of the Napoleonic Wars.
  • It was fought solely due to the fact that France wanted to invade Britain via the English Channel.
  • Many people in France in Napoleon`s time were taught that France had never, repeat, NEVER lost a battle to the English.
  • The French realised how powerful the British Navy was, so they allied with the Spanish to unite their two countries and form the one and only Franco-Spanish fleet.
  • The British were led into naval battle at Cape Trafalgar off the coast of Spain by Admiral Lord Nelson, while the Franco-Spanish were led into battle by joint Admirals Villeneuve and Gravina.
  • And what a big battle it was! The Franco-Spanish lost 22 of their ships while the British lost… 0! It was possibly THE MOST DECISIVE battle of all time.
  • 3,701 people died as a result of this epic battle, including Nelson himself. His body was shoved in a barrel full of brandy, so he was given a proper funeral back home.
  • A further 3,746 were non-fatally wounded and a whopping 8,000 were captured, 3,000 of whom drowned in a storm shortly afterwards.
  • Villeneuve attended Nelson`s funeral in Britain while a captive on parole.

The Vietnam War by Fatima Tariq

The Vietnam war started in November 1st ,1955 and ended in April 30, 1975.This war was fought between north and south Vietnam. There were many countries involved including the USA China and Australia. The Vietnam war was a very bloody war.  Its estimated that around 1.2 million people were killed. One of the famous leader of the war was a man called Ho Chi Min and he was a revolutionary leader of the Vietnam war. When the war ended it costed $ 111 billion to repair all the damage.

Edward, Ross, Connor, Susan and Maedbh standing beside a scaled model of the American Civil war. (Scale 1:100)

The American Civil War

The American Civil war started on the 21st of April 1861. It started because the northern states wanted to abolish slavery and the south didn’t. America was the only country involved but there were immigrants from Scandinavia France, Hungary, Germany and the United Kingdom.

The leader of the north was Abraham Lincoln. The leader of the south was Robert E Lee. There were many other leaders like Alysses S. Grant, William T Sherman, David Farragut and George G Meade.  Nearly 620,000 was killed. That was two percent of the population that was 66.7 percent of the soldiers.

One third of the soldiers in the war were African American. It was four years three weeks and six days long.


The election of the anti-slavery republican Abraham Lincoln as president in 1960 caused seven southern states to secede from the union to  form the confederate states of America. Four more joined them after the first shot of the civil war was fired.

This research was carried out by

Ross Forde , Jake Kelly, Susan Aji, Edward Mitchell , Connor Feehily and Meabh Mcgagh.


Middle Eastern Wars by Roisin Yilmaz, Maggie Fergus, Kaylah Rooney, Shaun Sheirdan and Rebecca McGauran.

*Iraq war

The 2003 invasion of Iraq lasted from the 20th of March to the 1st of May 2003

George bush the former U.S president and Tony Blair the former UK prime minister set out to disarm Iraq of weapons that could cause mass destruction, to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism and to free people of Iraq.

*Asama Bin Laden

He was born on March the 10th 1957 in Riyadh, Saudia Arabia.

He had 20 to 26 children and 6 different wives. He was the founder of al- Qaeda, the team responsible for the 9111 attacks.

He later died on May the 2nd 2011, aged 54 in Pakistan. He was shot by O’Neill a US navy seal operator. It is believed that the US navy buried him.

Gulf war

Iraq against 34 other countries led by the U.S. It started with the invasion of kuwait in Iraq on 2: 8: 1990. Many of the problems caused by this war were never finished.

There were 2 special operations. Operation Desert field and Operation Desert Storm.

 The Operation Desert Storm started on 17th of January 1991 with an air strike. This operation ended the war.

The United Nations tried to get Iraq to leave Kuwait but Saddam didn’t listen so on January 17th an army of several nations attacked Iraq in order to free Kuwait. The attack was condemned “Operation Desert Storm.”