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Our trip to Sligo Abbey September 13th

Sligo Abbey

  • It used to have a roof, but now it doesn’t due to several attempts to completely destroy the building.
  • Sligo Abbey was built in the mid-1500s. A short time later, Dominican friars settled there, and now it is officially labelled as a Dominican Friary.
  • Christian headstones faces east-west, but pagan ones faced north-south.
  • Bram Stoker, author of Dracula, lived during the famine (so honestly I`m surprised he lived long enough to write a book) and his mother was from Sligo.
  • Many tomb details in the abbey were either chipped away by vandals or misspelt! A lot of people think it`s just how the monks wrote in medieval times, but when 6th Class went, we saw smaller letters on top of the mistakes, as if the monks were trying to correct them!J
  • A lot of Sligo Abbey is intricate, but a lot of it is also in danger. Loads of it was closed off, though it wasn’t when we went with 4th This is the oldest surviving church in Ireland, and we should do what we can to protect it from vandalism and destruction.


Aine takes notes as Maggie listens attentively!

I very much hope you enjoyed reading about Sligo Abbey, By Isabella