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Student Presidential election January 2018

Student presidential election

Six candidates from sixth class were nominated to run for school president. They had two weeks to canvas, with their parties, around the school.

Our six candidates were

Mary Farry

Ross Forde

Ryan Gilligan

Rebecca McGauran

Aine McLoughlin

Roisin Yilmaz

Each party made posters which were displayed around the school. Every day each candidate had a chance to campaign in different classes in the hope of gaining votes. After two weeks of canvasing the election was held in the hall. Everyone in sixth class was involved in running in the election. Members of the school community came in to vote in the morning. Between the staff and parents there were 61 votes. After every class had voted the counting began.

The first person to be eliminated was Mary Farry followed by Roisin Yilmaz, then Rebecca McGauran, Ross Forde. At last there were only two left Aine McLoughlan and Ryan Gilligan. We had to recount the results four times before the results were final.

Ryan Gilligan had won the election by only nine votes. Aine’s final count was 118, while Ryan’s was 127. By lunchtime on Friday 26th a new student president had been elected.


The six candidates

The final count, with Ryan ahead of Aine by only nine votes.


The day of the vote.

People casting their votes.

Students receiving their ballot papers.

Deciding if spoilt votes should count.

An overview of the polling booths.

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