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TSI English lesson in 6th class October 18th 2017

Here in 6th class we take part in  TSI two days a week . Team Transactional Strategies Instruction (TSI) is an approach to literacy teaching and learning.  Team TSI guides teachers to support pupils to independently apply comprehension strategies and develop skills such as; working in groups, developing vocabulary and giving effective feedback. Team TSI outlines how children can direct their own learning at their own pace, in a collaborative and inclusive way.

In each lesson children have the opportunity to be ‘leader, questioner or a strategist’!

Note the following video of TSI in action. From 30 seconds notice the coding instructions which chidren follow when they read. At the end of the video you’ll see guidelines for a good leader, strategist and questioner. Enjoy…!

Video (video taken from 6th class last year May 2017)


Below is an example of the type of questions that are asked by the questioner –

Check out a short video of the type of questions and answers  being discussed by 6th from our lesson yesterday (18/10/2017)