St Clares Primary School

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What we know about the Manorhamilton SL&NCR September 2017

6th class, despite being only 3 days in the run, went on an excursion to the Leitrim Sculpture Centre. We saw and learned many things. There were glass cases with lanterns, tickets and other railway-associated things from long ago; there was even a darkroom with a video showing. Seating was very limited and a lot of us had to stand up for the whole thing!

We learned that the SL&NCR was the longest railway in Ireland  at this time, which was almost 200 years ago! It cost 340,000 old Irish pounds to build, although the budget was 300,000. The SL&NCR carried cargo like livestock headed to farms, meat destined for the butchers shop, materials, building supplies, etc. It also carried people to religious events, such as masses and funerals. Pictured here is Margaret, the woman in charge of the exhibition, talking to 5th and 6th Classes.

Here are 3 of the big 6th class boys standing in front of a very old door from a 19th century barn.

Clocks and timetables galore on the walls of the Sculpture Centre and the children are not afraid to look at them. But NO TOUCHING!

Everyone enjoyed this trip out and we were back by lunchtime.

Written by Isabella Curtis-Smith and Hannah Garraghan